Neal McCoy

Neal McCoy (born on July 30, 1958 in Jacksonville, Texas) is an American country singer of mixed Irish and Filipino descent. He stepped into the scene in the early 1990s, and currently lives in Longview, Texas. Neal McCoy was born to a Filipina American mother and Irish American father. His birth name is Hubert Neal McGaughey Jr., which he changed to Neal McGoy, and later to Neal McCoy. Neal got his start as an opening act for legendary country music artist Charley Pride. Read more on
Real Good Feel Good
Judge A Man By The Woman
Shotgun Rider
That's You
Crazy Women
Lucky Enough
Every Fire
That's Just How She Gets
Borderline Crazy
Van Gogh
That's Life
Got Mud
Intro (General Tommy Franks)
The Last of a Dying Breed
That's Life
All Over Again
That's a Picture
You Let Me Be the Hero
Tails I Lose
You're My Jamaica (feat. Charley Pride)
Head South
Hillbilly Rap (live)
"Count on Me"
"Forever Works for Me (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)"
"My Life Began with You"
"What Would Love Say"
"Beatin' It In"
"Every Man for Himself"
"A Love That Strong"
"The Key to Your Heart"
The Life Of The Party
I Was
Lipstick On The Radio
Only You
The Girls Of Summer
New Old Songs
The Life Of The Party
That's Not Her
Ain't Nothin' Like It
The Strongest Man In The World
Straighten Up And Fly Right
You Gotta Love That
Please Don't Leave Me Now
They're Playin' Our Song
Spending Every Minute in Love
Plain Jane
You're Backin' Up
Where Forever Begins
Now I Pray for Rain
Palm of My Hand
The Wall
The Day the Boys Leave the Girls Alone
Where Forever Begins
There Ain't Nothin I Don't Like About You
A Little at a Time
Big Doggin' Around
Where Do Daddies Go
Mountains on the Moon