Mysticum is an industrial black metal band from Asker, Norway. They have released a few demos, a couple of splits, most notably with Ulver and Audiopain, and 2 full-length albums, namely "In the Streams of Inferno" and in 2014 "Planet Satan". "In the Streams of Inferno" was supposed to be released on the infamous "Deathlike Silence Productions" label, run by the godfather of Black Metal, Euronymous, but because of the obvious history that had occurred this has never happened. Read more on

Most popular scores

Planet Satan
The Ether
Fist of Satan
All Must End
Cosmic Gun
Dissolve to Impiety
In the Streams of Inferno
Industries of Inferno
Let the Kingdom Come
Crypt of Fear
Where the Raven Flies
In Your Grave
In the Last of the Ruins We Search for a New Planet
Ulver / Mysticum
Ulverytternes kamp