My Vitriol

My Vitriol are an alternative rock band formed in 1999 in London, England. The band takes its name from "Brighton Rock" by Graham Greene. In the story, the main character carries a bottle of vitriol (an idiomatic name for sulphuric acid) for self protection. The band currently comprises Ravi Kesavaram (drums), Som Wardner (vocals, guitar and lyrics), Seth Taylor (guitar) and Lauren (bass). Former member Carolyn Bannister (bass and backing vocals) left the group sometime in 2005. The band has so far remained silent concerning her departure. Read more on
The Secret Sessions
We’ve Lost Our Way
It’s So Damn Easy
If Only… (God Only Knows)
(All These) Days
Rest Your Tired Head
London City Lights
The Agonies & the Ecstasies
Lord Knows How I’ve Tried
This Time
A Pyrrhic Victory EP
War of the Worlds
Lord Knows How I've Tried (mellow version)
Toy Soldiers
ElectroWar (the Son of Robot remix)
Between the Lines
Wait a Minute
Windows & Walls (acoustic)
Safety Zones & Crumple Zones
Vapour Trails
Taprobane & Losing Touch (acoustic session)
Oh Father
Game of Pricks
Another Lie
It Came Crashing
Always: Your Way (live acoustic)
Breakfast (live session)
All of Me
Alpha Waves
The Gentle Art of Choking
Cemented Shoes
C.O.R. (Critic Orientated Rock)
Ode to the Red Queen
Tongue Tied
Windows & Walls
Losing Touch
Falling Off the Floor
Under the Wheels