Mustard Plug

Mustard Plug is a ska punk band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Formed in 1991, the band's original members were Dave Kirchgessner, Mike McKendrick, Colin Clive, and Anthony Vilchez. Currently the band consists of Dave (Vocals), Brandon Jenison (trumpet), Jim Hofer (trombone), Nate Cohn (drums), Colin Clive (guitar/vocals), and Rick Johnson (bass). The band has regularly toured throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, and South America. They have toured with the Warped Tour twice, and participated in the Ska Against Racism Tour. Read more on
Can't Contain It
We Came to Party
The All-Nighter
Aye Aye Aye
White Noise
Burn It Down
Shakin' It Up
Blame Yourself
Gone and Faded
What Does She Know?
Twist The Knife
It's You
The Perfect Plan
Running Out of Time
In Black and White
Who Benefits?
Over the Edge
Hit Me! Hit Me!
Time to Wake Up
Something New
You Can't Go Back
Life Is Too Short
On and On
Tell Me
Puddle of Blood
What You Say
Yellow #5
Get It Goin' On
The Park
You Want It, We Got It
Already Gone
Just a Minute
No One but Myself
Your Secret
In Your Face
Sorry Now
Pray for Mojo
Send You Back
Not Giving In
Everything Girl
Away From Here
Throw a Bomb
Mend Your Ways
So Far to Go
Time Will Come
We're Gunna Take on the World
Big Daddy Multitude
Skank by Numbers
Too Stoopid
Ball Park Skank
Thigh High Nylons
Murder in Tulip City
I Made Love to a Martian
Brain on Ska
Average Guy
Grow Up
Skapocalypse Now!
Brain on Ska
Sweet Potato
We Want the Mustard
To Be
Kill the Governor
Simon Says
Butcher's Mop
7-11 Man
Thigh High Nylons (alternate take)
Escape (Skapocalypse Now! Reject)
Skank by Numbers (live)
Battle of the Rude (live)
Betty (live)