Mr. Irish Bastard

Irishman Mr. Irish Bastard, or that f@@@ing bastard, as he is fondly known to friend and foe alike, writes drink-drenched songs that capture the spirit of the country and the raw energy of his punk roots. It's rough, it's dirty and it's straight from the heart. The boys and girl have released "St. Mary's School of Drinking" and "The Bastard Brotherhood" in February 2008. The band is now going to hit the road, drink, party, be obscene and are going to get into some probably punishable acts! Coming along? Read more on

Most popular scores

The World, The Flesh & The Devil
Kingdom of the Sun
Drink Another Day
Ballad of a Workshy Man
Monsters in the Light
I Hope They Sell Beer in Hell
Don't You Walk Away
Fuck You My Darling
Black Island Ferry
Captain o Captain
That Bitch Drank My Whiskey
All the Time in the World
Evil Ways
Grey Grey Grass
Never Mind the Bastards, Here Is Mr. Irish Bollocks
Holidays In The Sun
No Feelings
God Save The Queen
Anarchy In The UK
Pretty Vacant
New York
A Fistful Of Dirt
Thirty Pieces Of Silver (Intro)
Bite The Dust
Skin And Bones
I Smell The Blood
Ghost Train
Paddys Last Tango
Forty Something Street
Don't Judge Me
Second world song
Refugee From Hell
You Spin Me Round
Another Mans Country
Isn't It Grand, Boys?
End Of The World
The Bastard Brotherhood
Triocha Piosa d Airgead Geal (intro)
Let Go
Fortune & Glory
This World
Walk With Me
One Second
Why Can't I Be You
Last Pint
Christmas in Hell
Everything Must Die
Livin' La Vida Loca
In God's Hands
Blood on the Flag
St. Mary's School of Drinking
Curse of the Red-Haired Woman
Building Up and Tearing England Down
Stupid Bastards
Temple of Love
Gypsy Road to Nowhere
Hate & Loathe