Mr. Big

(For the 70s British rock band, see Mr Big.) Mr. Big combined two popular musical trends of the rock scene in the mid to late 80s: a particular brand of hard rock focused on melodies and listener-friendly choruses made for the arena, and impressive technical proficiency, then called shredding. The seeds for the group were sown when bass player Billy Sheehan (considered one of the top bassists of rock, often thought to be the bass equivalent of guitarist Eddie Van Halen) left David Lee Roth's solo band in 1988. Read more on
…The Stories We Could Tell
Gotta Love the Ride
I Forget to Breathe
The Man Who Has Everything
The Monster in Me
What If We Were New?
The Light of Day
Just Let Your Heart Decide
It’s Always About That Girl
Cinderella Smile
The Stories We Could Tell
Addicted to That Rush (live)
Actual Size
Goin' Where the Wind Blows
Goin' Where the Wind Blows
Livin' Like a Dog
Alive & Kickin' (live)
Lean Into It