Most Precious Blood

Most Precious Blood are a band formed in New York City out of the ashes of an older hardcore punk band named Indecision. They blend the song structures of hardcore with the assault of heavy metal. Originally, the band featured former Indecision guitarists Justin Brannan and Rachel Rosen, as well as on-again off-again Indecision vocalist Tom Sheehan. On their debut full-length for Trustkill Records, Nothing In Vain, Brannan played guitar and Rosen bass Read more on
Do Not Resuscitate
A Danger To Myself And Others
Shut The Fuck Up, Jailbreak
Meth Mites
Blame It On Altered Beast
Stuart Is A Dead Man Walking
Upstate Ghost
Enthusiastic Eugenicist
Functual Autist
Graveyard Postcards
Of Scattered Ants That Swarm Together
Animal Mother
Do Not Resuscitate
Shark Ethic
Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves
Driving Angry
Damage Control Freak
Mad as the March Hare
Type a Personality
Oxygen Debt
Aimed Carefully, Fired Relentlessly
Diet for a New America
World War You
Narcoleptic Sleepwalker
A World Without Music
Temporary Solution to a Permanent Problem
Our Lady of Annihilation
The Great Red Shift
Quiet Pattern
Growing Square Eyes
Your Picture Hung Itself
Funeral Photography
Life During Wartime
Why Hyenas Laugh
It Runs in the Blood
Nothing in Vain
Less Than Zero
In Effigy
The Knot
The Lantern
And the Band Played On
Come What May
Song of Siren
No Place Like Home