Mortiis is a project from Notodden, Norway fronted by Håvard Ellefsen. The name is a misspelling of the Latin word "mortis" (death). Mortiis started in 1993 as the solo project of Ellefsen as a means to convey a story. This aspect was lost over time and Mortiis slowly changed into a band. Håvard Ellefsen, often referred to as Mortiis, is the only constant band member. He was born in Skien, Telemark. Mortiis began his musical career playing bass for the black metal act Emperor. Read more on
The Great Deceiver
The Great Leap
The Ugly Truth
Demons Are Back
Hard to Believe
Bleed like You
Road to Ruin
Scalding the Burnt
The Shining Lamp of God
Sins of Mine
Feed the Greed
Too Little Too Late
The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost
The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost
Perfectly Defect
Closer to the End
Perfectly Defect
Sensation of Guilt
Sole Defeat
Thieving Bastards
Halo of Arms
Impossible to Believe
This Absolution
The Grudge
Broken Skin
Way Too Wicked
The Grudge
Decadent & Desperate
The Worst in Me
Twist the Knife
The Loneliest Thing
Le Petit Cochon Sordide
The Smell of Rain
Scar Trek / Parasite God
Flux / Mental Maelstrom
Spirit in a Vacuum
You Put a Hex on Me
Everyone Leaves
Smell the Witch
The Stargate
Child of Curiosity and the Old Man of Knowledge
I Am the World
World Essence
(Passing by) An Old and Raped Village
Towards the Gate of Stars
Spirit of Conquest / The Warfare
Army of Conquest / The Warfare (Ever Onwards)
Crypt of the Wizard
Ferden og kallet
Da vi bygde tårnet
Under tårnet’s skygge
En sirkel av kosmisk kaos
Vandreren’s sang
Den bortdrevne regnbuen
Trollmannen’s krypt
I mørket drømmende
Fanget i krystal
Blood and Thunder
Blood and Thunder
Battles on Ice
Keiser av en dimensjon ukjent
Reisene til grotter og ødemarker
Keiser av en dimensjon ukjent
Ånden som gjorde opprør
En mørk horisont
Visjoner av en eldgammel fremtid
Født til å herske
Født til å herske, Part I
Født til å herske, Part II
Doppelganger (Wumpscut remix)