Mortal Treason

Mortal Treason began in Hartselle, Alabama and released two albums under Flicker Records. Their first album was titled A Call to the Martyrs and had more of a traditional Metalcore style. Their second album was titled Sunrise Over a Sea of Blood, which contained more elements of Death metal. The band has of late split up. Members of the band said that they believed "God has something else planned for us", but there were also rumors of label problems. On September 11, 2005 Seth Kimbrough officially announced their disestablishment. Read more on
Sunrise Over a Sea of Blood
Best Case Scenerio
Worst Case Scenerio
Dig Your Own Grave
Sunrise Over a Sea of Blood
Taste of a Bitter Soul
These Evil Days
One Hour From Forever
Death Is the Beginning
A Call to the Martyrs
A Walk Thru the Woods
War Within
A Call to the Martyrs
Feed on the Weak
Bride's Last Kiss
Beneath the Shadows
Hidden Track