Molly Hatchet

Molly Hatchet is a Southern rock band that was formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1975, still touring to this day. Known primarily for their hit song "Flirtin' with Disaster" from the album of the same title, the group began when guitarists Dave Hlubek and Steve Holland came upon the name of legendary axe murderer Hatchet Molly. The original band included the late vocalist Danny Joe Brown, additional guitarist Duane Roland, bassist Banner Thomas, and drummer Bruce Crump. Read more on
Live at Rockpalast 1996
Bounty Hunter
It’s All Over Now
Gator Country
Rolling Thunder
Devil’s Canyon
Down From the Mountain
Whiskey Man
Dreams I’ll Never See
Fall of the Peacemakers
The Journey
Flirtin’ With Desaster
Regrinding the Axes
Bad To The Bone
Mississippi Queen
Free Bird
Back In The U.S.S.R.
Sharp Dressed Man
The Boys Are Back In Town
Tumbling Dice
Wild Horses
Tequila Sunrise
Get In The Game
Layla Guitar Solo
Dreams I'll Never See
Been to Heaven - Been to Hell
Safe in My Skin
Deep Water
American Pride
Gonna Live 'til I Die
Fly on Wings of Angels (Somer's Song)
As Heaven Is Forever
Tomorrows and Forevers
In the Darkness of the Light
Warriors of the Rainbow Bridge
Son of the South
Moonlight Dancin' on the Bayou
I'm Ready for You
Roadhouse Boogie
Time Keeps Slipping Away
Get in the Game
Flames Are Burning
Hell Has No Fury
Gone in Sixty Seconds
Behind the Bedroom Door
No Stranger to the Darkness
Rainbow Bridge
Kingdom of Xii
Heart of the U.S.A.
Cornbread Mafia
One Last Ride
Why Won't You Take Me Home
Turn My Back on Yesterday
Gypsy Trail
White Lightning
Tumbling Dice
Angel in Dixie
Kickstart to Freedom
Dreams of Life
Edge of Sundown
Silent Reign of Heroes
Mississippi Moon Dog
World of Trouble
Silent Reign of Heroes
Miss Saturday Night
Blue Thunder
Just Remember (You're the Only One)
Junk Yard Dawg
Dead and Gone (Redneck Song)
Saddle Tramp
Fall of the Peacemakers
Devil's Canyon
Down From the Mountain
Rolling Thunder
Devil's Canyon
Heartless Land
Never Say Never
Come Hell or High Water
The Look in Your Eyes
Eat Your Heart Out
The Journey
Dreams I'll Never See
Lightning Strikes Twice
Take Miss Lucy Home
There Goes the Neighborhood
No Room on the Crew
Find Somebody New
The Big Payback
I Can't Be Watching You
Goodbye to Love
Hide Your Heart
What's the Story, Old Glory
Heart of My Soul
The Deed Is Done
Satisfied Man
She Does She Does
Intro Piece
Stone in Your Heart
Man on the Run
Good Smoke and Whiskey
Heartbreak Radio
I Ain't Got You
Straight Shooter
Song for the Children
No Guts... No Glory
What Does It Matter?
Ain't Even Close
Sweet Dixie
Fall of the Peacemakers
What's It Gonna Take?
Kinda Like Love
Under the Gun
On the Prowl
Both Sides
Take No Prisoners
Bloody Reunion
Long Tall Sally
Loss of Control
All Mine
Lady Luck
Power Play
Don't Mess Around
Don't Leave Me Lonely
Dead Giveaway
Beatin' the Odds
Beatin' the Odds
Double Talker
The Rambler
Dead and Gone
Few and Far Between
Penthouse Pauper
Get Her Back
Poison Pen
Flirtin' With Disaster
Whiskey Man
One Man's Pleasure
Jukin' City
Boogie No More
Flirtin' With Disaster
Good Rockin'
Long Time
Let the Good Times Roll