Misery Index

Misery Index is an American death metal band formed in 2001 in Baltimore, Maryland by Jason Netherton (bass, vocals), Mike Harrison (guitar, vocals) and Kevin Talley (drums). Some say the band is named after Assück's last album of the same name (1996), however the socio-political theme featured in many of the lyrics also point towards the economic term (both increasing inflation and unemployment result in the rise of the misery index). As of 2010 Read more on Last.fm
The Killing Gods
The Calling
The Oath
Conjuring the Cull
The Harrowing
The Killing Gods
Cross to Bear
Gallows Humor
The Weakener
Colony Collapse
Thieves of the New World Order
Dead Sam Walking
Ruling Class Cancelled (7" version)
49 Second of Hate (7" version)
The Color of Blood (7" version)
Meet Reality (7" version)
Scene and Not Heard (7" version)
Hang 'em High (7" version)
Love It or Leave It (7" version)
Discordia (acoustic version)
Sheep & Wolves (live)
Exception to the Ruled (live)
Unmarked Graves (live)
Conquistadores (live)
Ruling Class Cancelled
Ruling Class Cancelled
49 Seconds of Hate
The Color of Blood
Meet Reality
Mass Murder Institution
Get Wasted or Die
Hang Em High
Hang Em High
Scene and Not Heard
Love It or Leave It
Discordia (acoustic)
Misery Index / Bathtub Shitter
Walls of Confinement (Napalm Death Cover)
People on the Paper
The End of the Rainbow
Exception to the Ruled
The Imperial Ambition
Mutliply by Fire
Defector (Thining the Herd)
Screaming at a Wall
Created to Kill
Days of Decline
From the Anatomical Deeps
Raped in the Back of Chad's Van
The Garotte
Generic Murder Concept
Suffer the Children
Manufacturing Greed
Your Pain Is Nothing
Structure of Lies / Misery Index
Hell Carried On
Procession of Fools
Listen Carefully
The Wake (live)
The Living Shall Envy the Dead
Demand the Impossible