Millencolin is a punk rock band that was formed in October of 1992 by Erik Ohlsson, Mathias Färm and Nikola Sarcevic in Örebro, Sweden. Fredrik Larzon (Fredrik Olof Larsson) joined the band in early 1993 which cemented the lineup. Millencolin as a word derives from the skateboard-trick melancholy (also known as "sad air") because of their passion for skateboarding. The band releases their CDs on the Swedish label Burning Heart Records. (releases on Epitaph Records in the US). Read more on
True Brew
True Brew
Balanced Boy
Inte Vara Ägd
Heart VS Mind
True Brew
Egocentric Man
Autopilot Mode
Bring Me Home
Sense & Sensibility
True Brew
Perfection Is Boring
Wall of Doubt
Something I Would Die For
Silent Suicide
Man of 1000 Tics
Mr. Fake Believe
Believe in John
Home From Home
Pennybridge Pioneers
Life on a Plate