Michelle Branch

Michelle Jacquet DeSevren Branch (named after the song "Michelle" by The Beatles) was born in Phoenix, Arizona, United States on the 2nd of July, 1983. She is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. She received a guitar from her parents for her 14th birthday. Three years later, after sending a demo tape to Hanson and opening for them on tour, had signed a deal with Maverick Records. She subsequently had four top ten hits. The inspiration for writing her own songs can be found by The Beatles and other bands. Read more on Last.fm
Hotel Paper
Are You Happy Now?
Find Your Way Back
Empty Handed
Tuesday Morning
One of These Days
Love Me Like That
Where Are You Now?
Hotel Paper
'Til I Get Over You
It's You
Broken Bracelet
If Only She Knew
Sweet Misery
I'd Rather Be in Love
Stewart's Coat
I'll Always Be Right There
Goodbye to You
Sweet Misery (acoustic)