Michael Lee Firkins

Michael Lee Firkins is an American musician born in 1967 in Omaha, Nebraska. His father was a lap steel guitarist and his mother a pianist, leading him to embrace music at the age of eight, starting with the acoustic guitar. Self-taught for the most part, he took additional lessons at an Omaha music store. By 1979 Michael had shifted to electric guitars, playing in local bands and in church until the age of 18. In 1985 he started touring the US with cover tune bands, but quit after becoming frustrated with playing cover tunes. Read more on Last.fm
Black Light Sonatas
One Big Punch (Crying Stacks)
Two Guns Left
Black Betty
I-680 Waltz
The Horse and the Fly
Now's Your Time Blues
Theme From Sandford and Sons (The Streetbeater)
Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth
Blacklight Sonata
Still Alive and Well
Manic Depression
I Need You
Pink Panther
I Know a Little
The Window
Little Wing
Pick Up the Pieces
Cactus Crüz
Gramma Dynomite
Saturday Night
Kick Ass Bill
Dollar Blues
Midnight Surf
Where Am I
San Lucas
I Witness
Sanford and Son
Chapter 11
Big Red
(Media Showers)
Trinity Road
Car-Less Sonata
B.H. Express
Rio Hide-A-Way
Baci Boy Blues
The Mooche
Hawaiian Gospel
The Howling Iguanas
Saturday Morning
Self Control
Psycho Train
Where'd Ya Go?
When Life Has It's Way
Everybody Wants Something
Throw It All Away
All Behind Me
When All You See Is Blue