mewithoutYou is an American band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that formed in 2001. They are known for their warbling vocal style and introspective lyrics of lead vocalist Aaron Weiss, as well as their prominent bass riffs and atmospheric guitar. The band was originally conceived as a side project. The Weiss brothers and Kleinberg were playing together in another band called The Operation (who released one album, 2001's There Is Hope for a Tree Cut Down Read more on
Pale Horses
Pale Horse
Watermelon Ascot
Mexican War Streets
Red Cow
Blue Hen
Lilac Queen
Magic Lantern Days
Birnam Wood
Rainbow Signs
Pale Horses
Hebrew Children
Werewolf King (Demo)
Chapelcross Towns
Chernobyl, 1985
Mexican War Streets (Revisited)
Blue Hen (Geology Version)
Red Cow (Golden Calf Version)
Ten Stories
February, 1878
Grist for the Malady Mill
East Enders Wives
Elephant in the Dock
Fox’s Dream of the Log Flume
[A→B] Life
The Ghost
Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt
Be Still, Child
We Know Who Our Enemies Are
I Never Said That I Was Brave
The Cure for Pain
I Never Said That I Was Brave
I Never Said That I Was Brave
Dying Is Strange
We Know Who Our Enemies Are
Four Word Letter