Metal Church

Metal Church is an American heavy metal band. They originally formed in San Francisco, California in 1980 before relocating to Aberdeen, Washington the following year and briefly using the name Shrapnel. Their eponymous first album was released in 1984, and their latest, XI, in 2016.[1] The band is credited as a formative influence on the thrash metal subgenre,[1] melding the aesthetics of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and American hard rock with "incredibly tight musicianship" and "piercingly screeched" vocals. Read more on
Killing Your Time
No Tomorrow
Signal Path
Sky Falls In
Needle & Suture
Blow Your Mind
Soul Eating Machine
It Waits
Suffer Fools
The Cowards
God Hit
The Enemy Mind
Signal Path (radio edit)
Shadow (demo version)
No Tomorrow (alt mix)
Generation Nothing
Bullet Proof
Dead City
Generation Nothing
Noises in the Wall
Jump the Gun
Hits Keep Comin'
Close to the Bone
The Media Horse
This Present Wasteland
The Company of Sorrow
The Perfect Crime
Deeds of a Dead Soul
Meet Your Maker
Crawling to Extinction
A War Never Won
Mass Hysteria
Breathe Again
A Light in the Dark
A Light in the Dark
Beyond All Reason
Mirror of Lies
The Believer
Temples of the Sea
Pill for the Kill
Son of the Son
More Than Your Master
Blinded by Life
Watch the Children Pray 2006
The Weight of the World
Leave Them Behind
Weight of the World
Hero's Soul
Madman's Overture
Sunless Sky
Cradle to Grave
Wings of Tomorrow
Time Will Tell
Bomb to Drop
Blood Money
Sleeps With Thunder
Into Dust
Kiss for the Dead
LB. of Cure
Faster Than Life
All Your Sorrows
They Signed in Blood
Toys in the Attic
Sand Kings
Hanging in the Balance
Gods of Second Chance
Losers in the Game
No Friend of Mine
Little Boy
Down to the River
End of the Age
Lovers and Madmen
A Subtle War
Low to Overdrive
The Human Factor
The Human Factor
Date With Poverty
The Final Word
In Mourning
In Harm's Way
In Due Time
Agent Green
Flee From Reality
The Fight Song
Four Hymns