Mercyful Fate

Mercyful Fate is an influential heavy metal band that formed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1981 from the remaining members of Hank Shermann's band Brats and King Diamond's band Black Rose. In early 1981 they helped out Michael Denner with demos for his band Danger Zone. Soon, Shermann, Denner, Diamond, and Denner's bass player Timi Grabber realized their potential as a unit and started performing as Mercyful Fate. The band experienced the usual member changes for a new band, as Denner left (and later returned). Read more on
Dead Again
Torture (1629)
Since Forever
The Lady Who Cries
Sucking Your Blood
Dead Again
Into the Unknown
The Ghost of Change
Listen to the Bell
Fifteen Men (And a Bottle of Rum)
Into the Unknown
Under the Spell
Kutulu (The Mad Arab, Part Two)
The Bell Witch
Is That You, Melissa
Curse of the Pharaohs (live)
Egypt (live)
Come to the Sabbath (live)
Black Funeral (live)