Matmatah is a popular French rock band. Their popularity also extends to India, where they have played in many rock shows in Mumbai (Bombay), Pondicherry and Chennai (Madras). They are known by their endearing fans both for their energetic stage performances and their unique stage covers of classic rock songs. They disbanded in 2008. Read more on
Bande à part
Bande à part
La Cerise (acoustique)
Ache Up Call 4:14
Video Killed the Radio Star
La Cerise
La Cerise
Crépuscule dandy
She's Had a Hold on Me
Le Festin de Bianca
Entrez dans ce lit
La serpeta del barrio
Et tourne le compteur
Basta les aléas
Now We Have a Pen
Pony the Pra
La Fleur de l'âge
...and Time Goes Friendly
Comme si de rien n'était
Daily Delhi
Quitter la route
Challo Challo
Le souvenir (Indian remix)