Marco Antonio Solís

In the 1970s he began the group Los Bukis which were a great success in Mexico,Latin America as well as in the united States among the Latin community. After about 20 years with the group as its lead singer and chief song writer he decided to pursue a solo career, in which he had lots of success. Many singers have followed a similar path,(Sting,Steve Perry...).Today he is still one of the world's most influential latin artists. He has worked with many other great latin legends like Joan Sebastian Read more on
Una Noche De Luna
Dios Bendiga Nuestro Amor
Sigue Sin Mi
Y Ahora Te Vas
Nada Que Me Recuerde A Ti/ Dime Dónde Y Cuándo
Tú Me Vuelves Loco
El Milagrito
¿A Dónde Vamos A Parar?
Más Que Tu Amigo
En total plenitud
Hay de amores a amores
De regreso a casa
Cuantos días sin ti
A dónde vamos a parar?
Te me olvidaste
Tú me vuelves loco
Para vivir sin ti
Él nunca te olvida
No molestar
Basta ya (banda)
Ando por las nubes
Basta ya
Como tu Mmujer (banda)
Se me olvidó otra vez
Como Tu Mujer (Pop)
Basta Ya (Pop)
Sigue sin mí