Mansun were formed in Chester in 1995 by vocalist/rhythm guitarist Paul Draper, lead guitarist/ backing vocalist Dominic Chad, bassist Stove King and drummer Andie Rathbone. Arriving on the Britpop-dominated scene as a beat-driven art rock band, Mansun liberally mixed progressive rock, psychedelia, art pop, shoegaze, 80's noir and electronic elements; instead of singles releasing numerous multi-format EPs bookended by concept albums, often changing their style (and peculiar uniforms) each release. Read more on
I’ve Seen the Top of the Mountain
Little Kix
Butterfly (A New Beginning)
I Can Only Disappoint U
Comes as No Surprise
Electric Man
Love Is...
Soundtrack 4 2 Lovers
Forgive Me
Until the Next Life
We Are the Boys
Six (single version)
Live Television
Negative (edit)
When the Wind Blows
King of Beauty
Being a Girl, Part One EP
Being a Girl, Part 1
Legacy EP
Legacy (extended version)
Can’t Afford to Die
Spasm of Identity
Check Under the Bed
Five EP: She Makes My Nose Bleed
She Makes My Nose Bleed
The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail
Live Open Space
Drastic Sturgeon (live)
Attack of the Grey Lantern
The Chad Who Loved Me
Mansun's Only Love Song
You, Who Do You Hate?
Wide Open Space
Stripper Vicar
She Makes My Nose Bleed
Naked Twister
Egg Shaped Fred
Dark Mavis / An Open Letter to the Lyrical Trainspotter
Closed for Business
Closed for Business
Dark Mavis (acoustic version)
Stripper Vicar (live)
Two EP
Take It Easy Chicken
Drastic Sturgeon
The Greatest Pain
Four EP: Wide Open Space
Wide Open Space
Rebel Without a Quilt
Vision Impaired
Skin Up Pin Up
Stripper Vicar
Stripper Vicar
The Edge
The Duchess
One EP
Egg Shaped Fred
Lemonade Secret Drinker
[untitled] (instrumental)