Manic Street Preachers

Manic Street Preachers are an alternative rock band from Blackwood, Wales, formed in 1986. Often referred to as "the Manics", they are James Dean Bradfield (vocals, guitars), Nicky Wire (bass, occasional vocals) and Sean Moore (drums, backing vocals, occasional trumpet). The band were originally a quartet: lyricist and rhythm guitarist Richey Edwards mysteriously vanished on 1 February 1995. He was declared presumed deceased in November 2008. The Manics released their debut album Generation Terrorists in 1992. Read more on
Futurology (R. Seiliog remix)
Walk Me to the Bridge
Let's Go to War
The Next Jet to Leave Moscow
Divine Youth
Sex, Power, Love and Money
Dreaming a City (Hughesovka)
Black Square
Between the Clock and the Bed
Misguided Missile
The View From Stow Hill
Walk Me to the Bridge
Walk Me to the Bridge (live from Ancienne Belgique, Brussels)
The Sound of Detachment
Europa geht durch mich (Erol Alkan's Mesmerise Eins rework)
Europa geht durch mich (Erol Alkan's Mesmerise Zwei rework)
Anthem for a Lost Cause
Anthem for a Lost Cause
Death of a Digital Ghost
See It Like Sutherland
She Is Suffering (live at the O2)
Rewind the Film
This Sullen Welsh Heart
Builder of Routines
4 Lonely Roads
(I Miss the) Tokyo Skyline
Anthem for a Lost Cause
As Holy as the Soil (That Buries Your Skin)
3 Ways to See Despair
Running Out of Fantasy
30-Year War
Forever Delayed EP
Automatik Teknicolour
It's All Gone
Unstoppable Salvation
Happy Ending
Forever Delayed
Life Becoming a Landslide EP
Life Becoming a Landslide
Comfort Comes
Are Mothers Saints
Charles Windsor
Stars and Stripes
Slash 'n' Burn
Nat West-Barclays-Midlands-Lloyds
You Love Us
Democracy Coma
Crucifix Kiss
Little Baby Nothing
Repeat (Stars and Stripes)
Repeat (UK)
New Art Riot EP