Mando Diao

Mando Diao are a rock band from Borlänge, Sweden. According to the band, the name Mando Diao has no meaning at all, but rather appeared to band member Björn Dixgård in a dream. Their sound is influenced by The Animals and Oasis. The roots of Mando Diao date back to 1995 when Björn Dixgård was a member of a band called Butler. Band members came and went; four years later, the remaining line-up chose to proceed more seriously in their musical efforts. Read more on
Romeo (live: Berlin)
Wet Dreams (live: Berlin)
Money Doesn’t Make You a Man
Black Saturday (live: Berlin)
Wet Dreams
If I Dont’t Have You
Lonely Driver
Make You Mine
Den självslagne
En sångarsaga
I ungdomen
Snigelns visa
Strövtåg i hembygden
En ung mor
The Wildfire EP
The Wildfire (If It Was True)
With or Without Love
A Hard Day's Night
Spit on Your Love
Long Before Rock 'n' Roll
Good Morning, Herr Horst
Good morning, Herr Horst (Single Edition)
Spit on your Love
White wall (Live from 02 Music Flash)
Hurricane Bar
Clean Town
Annie's Angle
Kingdom & Glory
Clean Town EP
Clean Town
White Wall
little boy jr (live in boston usa december 03)