Mad Caddies

The Mad Caddies are a ska punk band from Goleta/Santa Barbara/Solvang, California. The band formed in 1995 and has released five full-length albums, one live album, and two EP's. Their sound has influences from a wide range of genres, including ska, punk, hardcore, swing, reggae and jazz. Founding members Chuck Robertson, Sascha Lazor, Todd Rosenberg, Carter Benson and James Malis started the group in high school but the band's membership has changed frequently since its inception. Read more on
Dirty Rice
Love Myself
Down and Out
Bring It Down
Shot in the Dark
Little Town
Callie’s Song
Back to the Bed
Drinking the Night Away
Rock the Plank
Shaving Your Life
Days Away
We'll Start to Worry When the Cynics Start Believing
Weird Beard
Easy Cheese
Hound Bound
Depleted Salvo
Chevy Novacaine
Booze Cruise
All American Badass
The Holiday Has Been Cancelled
Quality Soft Core
I'm So Alone
Cup o' Tea
The Bell Tower
No Sé
Crew Cut Chuck
Polyester Khakis
Preppie Girl
Mum's the Word
Sad Reggie