There are four entries for this name. 1) Macabre is a death metal band from Chicago, Illinois. They blend thrash metal, death metal, and grindcore (sometimes with nursery rhymes and folk melodies) to form their own unique style dubbed murder metal. Lyrically, they have a strong focus on serial killers, mass murderers and a touch of sick gore humor. Most lyrics are based upon true stories and are about real infamous personalities. The content of the lyrics is historically accurate Read more on
Grim Scary Tales
Nero's Inferno
The Black Knight
Countess Bathory
Burke and Hare
Mary Ann
The Bloody Benders
Lizzie Borden
The Ripper Tramp From France
Bella the Butcher
The Kiss of Death
The Sweet Tender Meat Vendor
Human Monsters
The Big Bad Wolf
Countess Bathory
The Bloody Benders
Morbid Campfire Songs
Tom Dooley
The Geins
In the Mountains
Found a Peanut
Murder Metal
Acid Bath Vampire
Fatal Foot Fetish
The Hillside Stranglers
Dorthea's Dead Folks Home
The Iceman
Werewolf of Bedburg
Morbid Minister
The Wüstenfeld Man Eater
Diary of Torture
Jack the Ripper
Fritz Haarman der Metzger
Capitalist Casualties vs. Macabre
Embalmer (outtake version)
Trampled to Death (outtake version)
Propane Punks
Time for Smack
Dog Guts
Grandmother's House
Blood Bank
Ambassador Hotel
Bath House
Jeffrey Dahmer and the Chocolate Factory
Drill Bit Lobotomy
Jeffrey Dahmer Blues
Into the Toilet With You
Coming to Chicago
Scrub a Dub Dub
Media Circus
Temple of Bones
Do the Dahmer
Christopher Scarver
Dahmer's Dead
The Brain
The Unabomber
Ambassador Hotel
The Brain
David Brom Took an Axe
Dr. Holmes He Stripped Their Bones
Ed Gein
Serial Killer
Behind the Wall of Sleep
Behind the Wall of Sleep
Slaughter Thy Poser
Freeze Dried Man
Sinister Slaughter
Night Stalker
The Ted Bundy Song
Sniper in the Sky
Montreal Massacre
What the Hell Did You Do?
The Boston Strangler
Mary Bell
Killing Spree (Postal Killer)
Is It Soup Yet?
White Hen Decapitator
Howard Unrah (What Have You Done Now?)
Gacy's Lot
There Was a Young Man Who Blew Up a Plane
Shotgun Peterson
Edmond Kemper Had a Horrible Temper
What the Heck, Richard Speck (8 Nurses You Wrecked)
Albert Was Worse Than Any Fish in the Sea
Trampled to Death
Holidays of Horror
Fritz Haarmann the Butcher
Harvey Glatman (Your Soul Will Forever Rot)
McMassacre (James Huberty)
David Brom Took an Axe
I Need to Kill
Rat Man
Hey Laurie Dann
Patrick Purdy Killed Five and Wounded Thirty
Dr. Holmes (He Stripped Their Bones)
The Green River Murderer (He's Still Out There)
Funeral Home
Grim Reality
Serial Killer
Mr. Albert Fish (Was Children You Favorite Dish?)
Mass Murder (Sulfuric Acid: Morbid Curiosity: Lethal Injection)
Son of Sam
Hot Rods to Hell
Ed Gein
Natural Disaster