Luror is a black metal band from Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany formed in 1994. Unhold, only member of the band, is also the owner of the label World Terror Commitee (W.T.C.) and plays in four other German black metal bands, Hellfucked, Wolfsmond, Absurd and Cryogenic. Besides several demos and splits he released the album "The Iron Hand Of Blackest Terror" in 2003. Discography: - Blutkrieg (Demo, 1996) - Warriors Of The Storm (Demo, 1996) - Nachtfalke/Luror (Split with Nachtfalke, 2000) Read more on

Most popular scores

Cease to Live
Through Cruelty to Illumination
A Bleak Sun Enlightens Me
Cease to Live
A Symptom of Evil
...of Good Will
Boundaries of Evil
Already Dead
The Iron Hand of Blackest Terror
The Iron Hand of Blackest Terror
Smoke and Stardust
Among the Hill War Is Raging
A Fanfare of War Sounds in the Sky
Embers and Glory
Into the Burning Fog
In a Room in Hell
Lucifer's Dawn
Lucifer's Dawn
Through an Atmosphere of Death, Part 2 (Der zweite Anfall)
War in Asgard / Faustus M-Ängel-E
War in Asgard
Man of Iron
Warrior's Nightmare
The Degenerated Art of Your Love
Vague Visions / Burning Blood
When Blood Is Spiked
Faustus M-Ängel-E