Lúnasa are an all-instrumental, acoustic group known for their exciting melodies and tunes, as well as their ability to combine the sounds of the fiddle, the flute, the uilleann pipes, the guitar, and the bass. Named after Lughnasadh, an ancient Irish harvest festival, Lúnasa was started when Seán Smyth, Trevor Hutchinson, and Donogh Hennessy briefly toured through Scandinavia in 1996. Upon their return to Ireland, they teamed up with Michael McGoldrick and John McSherry to record a few tracks for what would be their first album. Read more on Last.fm
Lúnasa with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra
Leckan Mór
Spoil the Dance
An Buachaillín Bán (with Scully’s)
Morning Nightcap
Breton Set (with Tro Breizh)
The Minor Bee
The Last Pint
The Merry Sisters of Fate (with Dr Gilbert’s)
Lá Nua
Ryestraw: The New Day March / Ryestraw / An Old Woman Would
The Raven's Rock: The Raven's Rock / Ruby's Reel / The Beehive
Tro Breizh: Tadin-Tinaketa / March des Charbonniers / Ridées Six Temps
Fruitmarket Reels: Joe Tom's / Supernose / Buntata's Sgadán
Doc Holliday's: East Village Days / Timmy's Place / Doc Holliday's
Unapproved Road: Brady's / Connacht Heifers
Island Lake: Tune for Dad / The Island Lake
Snowball: Ciara's Dance / Burning Snowball / Road to Reel
Pontevedra to Carcarosa: Marcha Processional du corpus de Pontevedra / Pasacorredoires 'de Mustad a Millares' / Muńiera Carcarosa
The Shore House: Inverness Country Reel / The Beauty Spot / The Shore House Reel
The Leitrim Equation feat. Lúnasa
Jig & Reels: John McKenna's Jig / The Cloone Reel / The Hollybush
Reels: The Lahard Chase / In Walked Dalai / Hamy's Reel
Reels: The Concert Reel / Joe Burke's Favourite
The Stig Jig
Song: My Own Leitrim Home
Song: Generous Lover
Hornpipe: Master Shanley's Hornpipe
Reels: The Leitrim Lilter / The Twelve Pins
Reels: Couthouse Reel / Dave Donohoe's
Hornpipes: Caislean an Oir / Pol Ha'penny
Reels: O'Connell's Reel / The Edenderry / Maggie on the Shore
Reels: Road to Garrison / Kilty Town
Jig & Quickstep: The Battering Ram / The Leitrim Quickstep
Jigs: The Mighty Ros / Susan Sweeney's Jig
Hornpipe: THe Himalayan Hornpipe
Reels: Maguire's Welcome to Fermanagh
Reels: Maud Millar / Palmer's Gate / Lord McDonald
Reels: Sean Ryan's / Reel of Rio
Jigs: Andrew Davey's / Moloney's Wife
Jigs: Trip to Athlone / Humours of Lisheen / Snug in a Blanket
Reels: Handsome Sally / Sunny Banks / Reel of Rio
The Cullybacky Hop: Mike Hobin's / Emmet's Hedgehog / Dunrobin Castle
Leckan Mór: Kalyana / Above in the Garret / Leckan Mór
Absent Friends: Absent Friends / Ivory Lady
Loophead: Bolton St. / The Millstream / Loophead Lighthouse
Midnight in Avilés: N’Alcordanza / Soig's plinn / Skolvan doubl plinn
The Dingle Berries: The Hop Slide / Padraig O'Keefe's / Nessa the Mover / Trip to Dingle
Black River: Across the Black River / Iain MacDonald's
Road to Barga: Timmy Collins' / Road to Barga
Two of a Kind: Showacho / Portobello
Glentrasna: Miss Admiral Gordon's Strathspey
Boy in the Boat: The Ballivanich Reel / The Boy in the Boat / The Stone of Destiny
Cregg's Pipes: Cregg's Pipes / Uist Reel / John Doherty's
Welcome Home: Welcome Home Grainne / I Have a House of My Own With a Chimney Built on Top of It / Rockfield Reel
Harp and Shamrock: Harp and Shamrock / Mick O'Connor's Reel
Fest Noz: Ridees Six Temps
Spoil the Dance: Cillian's Midnight Dip / Tuttles Reel / Spoil the Dance
A Stor Mo Croi: A Stor Mo Croi / Stack of Rye / Ladies Step Up to Tea
Dublin to Dingle: James Kelly's / The Foxhunt / John Brosnan's / West Kerry Polka
Lady Ellen: Tana / Lady Ellen
Cotati Nights: Enez Sant Loran's / Princess of the Manor / Hunter's Road
Two-Fifty to Vigo
Temple Hill: Patrick Conneely's / Johnny McIljohn's / Temple Hill
The Merry Sisters of Fate
Aoibhneas: Aoibhneas Eilis Ni Cheallaigh / Jimmy Ward's / Not Safe With a Razor
Donogh and Mike's: 1st August / Windbroke
Killarney Boys of Pleasure
The Merry Sisters of Fate: The Merry Sisters of Fate / The Longacre
Iníon Ní Scannláin
Casu: Asturian Air / Aires de Pontevedra / Muineira de Casu
Páistin Fionn
The Minor Bee: Minor Slip / Ronde de Loudeac / The Red Bee
Scully's: Scully Casey's / The Dusty Miller
Return from Fingal
Morning Nightcap: The Wedding / Morning Nightcap / The Malbay Shuffle
Goodbye Miss Goodavich / Rosie's Reel
The Floating Crowbar / McGlinchey's / The Almost Reel
The Butlers of Glen Avenue / Sliabh Russell / Cathal McConnell's
January Snows / Laura Lynn Cunningham
The Miller of Drohan
Dr. Gilbert / Devils of Dublin / Black Pat's
Stolen Apples
Taylor Bar, 4am / Ceol na Mara
Lafferty's / Crock of Gold / Lady Birr / Abbey Reel
O'Carolan's Welcome / Rolling in the Barrel
Eanáir: Lord Mayo / Gavotte / The Maids of Mt. Cisco
Feabhra: An erc'h war an enezeg (Snow on the Island) / Brenda Stubbert's / Thunderhead
Márta: The Noonday Feast / The Waterbed / Sully's No. 6
Aibreann: The Last Pint
Bealtainne: Hogties / Promenade / Gan Ainm
Meitheamh: Fleur de mandragore / Ash Plant / Siobhan O'Donnell's
Iúil: Frailock
Meán Fómhair: Colonel Frazer
Deireadh Fómhair: Terry 'Cuz' Teehan's / Alice's
Mí Na Samhna: Jizaique / Baby Rory's, Dub
Mí Na Nollag: The Kerfuntan / Eddie Kelly's / Give Us a Drink of Water