Life of Agony

Life of Agony is an alternative metal band from Brooklyn, NY who are known to incorporate hardcore and thrash elements into their music, however they have a wide range of influences, including reggae (Bob Marley) and alternative rock (Radiohead). They formed in 1989 after Keith Caputo was looking for musicians to form a rock band, he eventually recruited his cousin, Joey Z on guitar and long-time friend Alan Robert on bass. Type O Negative's drummer Sal Abruscato was hired to record albums 'River Runs Red' and 'Ugly' on drums. Read more on
Broken Valley
Last Cigarette
Wicked Ways
Don't Bother
Strung Out
Junk Sick
The Calm That Disturbs You
No One Survives
The Day He Died
Broken Valley
Room 244
Soul Searching Sun
I Regret
Lost at 22
Other Side of the River
How it Would Be
Damned If I Do
Don't You (Forget About Me)
Coffee Break
Redemption Song