Laura Shigihara

Laura Shigihara has been working as a freelance video game composer and sound designer since 2005. She’s created music and sound effects for over 15 published titles since then, ranging in genre from orchestral themes, to quirky uptempo boss battles, and even including songs featuring her own vocal tracks. Laura has been a fan of video game music since the days of the original 8-bit Nintendo. Her music has been compared to that of Yoko Shimomura and Yasunori Mitsuda in terms of style. Read more on
Super Sweet Boy: Music from SMB 5th Anniversary
Cotton Candy (Cotton Alley Light)
Cotton Alley Light Menu
Bandage Girl Boogie (Cotton Alley Dark)
Cotton Alley Dark Menu
Rakuen Official Soundtrack
Tell me a story
Searching my Life (Rakuen Trailer Version)
These Grey Walls
Storage Room 5B
Fish Heads
One Wish (Mom tells a story)
One Wish (instrumental)
Welcome to the Forest
Morizora's Cave
The Spirit Envoy
The Keepers (vox only)
The Keepers
Gemma and the River
My home is underwater
Can she hear me
The Midnight Tea Shop
The Broken Attic
For a moment, For a lifetime
Tony and Christina
My Little Girl
My Last Gift
Ao Boshi Matsuri
Walking through the Night
Mori no Kokoro
Kaasan e
To the Moon
To the Moon - Main Theme
Between a Squirrel and a Tree
Spiral of Secrets
For River (Sarah & Tommy’s version)
Bestest Detectives in the World
Too Bad So Sad
Uncharted Realms
Having Lived
Born a Stranger
For River - Piano (Johnny’s version)
Lament of a Stranger
Everything’s Alright (Music Box)
Anya by the Stars
Take Me Anywhere
Warning (AKA best track ever)
World's Smallest Ferris Wheel
Once Upon a Memory
Once Upon a Memory (piano)
Everything’s Alright
Everything’s Alright (reprise)
To the Moon - Piano (ending version)
Eva’s Ringtone
Trailer Theme - Part 1
Trailer Theme - Part 2
Trailer Theme - Part 2 (instrumental)
Plants vs. Zombies Original Soundtrack
Crazy Dave's Greeting
Crazy Dave (Intro Theme)
Choose Your Seeds
Zen Garden
Ultimate Battle
Rigor Mormist
Graze the Roof
Zombotany (Unreleased Track)
Uraniwa ni Zombies ga!
Crazy Dave IN-GAME
Grasswalk IN-GAME
Loonboon IN-GAME
Moongrains IN-GAME
Zen Garden IN-GAME
Watery Graves IN-GAME
Ultimate Battle IN-GAME
Rigor Mormist IN-GAME
Cerebrawl IN-GAME
Graze the Roof IN-GAME
Brainiac Maniac IN-GAME
Melolune: Original Soundtrack, Part 1
Silent Melodies
Eclipse and Starlight
Melolune (vocal)
Leeble Village
Sweet Unlucky (Battle Theme)
The Calm Before
Upperland Forest (Full)
Ultimate Battle
The Great World
Carya de Mio (vocal)
The Mines of the Orderian Engineers
Taezu Freedom Fighters
Traces (vocal)
Little Fish
Blue Starlight
To The Moon bonus soundtrack
A Time Long Past
Dance With Me
Fleeting Hearts
Ghost from the Past
"Our Home Village"
Into the Memory
Labyrinth to Lunacy
Lyra's Melody Main Theme (Lyra's Melody)
Mist Descends
Rolling Peaches
The Last Moonrise
The Mirror Lied
To Realize
My Blue Dream +
Haunting (Haunted House remix)
Call Me Home
Look Up at the Sky
The Best It Can Be
Another Time
It Can't Be
Call Me Home (instrumental)
Starshine (New Beginnings)
Stay the Same