Last Days of April

For over a decade main LDOA engine and songwriter Karl Larsson has steered the band from frustrated emotional hardcore to well-produced pop songs, without ever giving in to current fads and trends. Last Days of April has been a reliable rock in the stormy waters of pop culture, and the solid fan base around the world tells of the same kind of commitment. Might As Well Live (out in late February 2007) fuses Larsson’s long-evolved melodic craftsmanship Read more on
Sea of Clouds
The Artist
The Way Things Were
Oh Well
The Thunder & The Storm
Everybody Knows
Sea Of Clouds
Someone For Everyone
Every Boy's Dream
Get You
My Girlfriend
Don’t Stand In The Way Of Love
What Is Love Anyway
Still Think About It
There Goes The Neighbourhood
Where We Belong
A Stone In My Shoe
Feel The Sun Again
No Time for Dreams
I Think You're Everything
I Can't Control It
All the Same
Why So Hasty?
Forget About It
In Ink
What Is Here for You Is What You Bring With You
If (Don't Ever Blame Yourself)
Remixed By Monster & Maskiner
You Don't Believe Me
Who's On the Phone
Lost & Found
Hanging High
Might As Well Live
Lost and Found
Great White's Jaws
Who's on the Phone?
Hanging High
Get Out While You Can
I Wish That You Would Mean a Lot Less to Me
Two Ply Glass
Come on Over
You Don't Believe Me
It's On Everything
It's On Everything
Fallen Star
It's On Everything (Demo Version)
If You Lose It
It's on Everything
Been Here All the Time
Tears on Hold
If You
Me the Plague
Your Anyone
Want to Go
Do for Two
Live the End
Fast, So Fast
Live the End
Live the End
It's On Me
Live the End (Demo Version)
Ascend to the Stars
Angel Youth
Too Close
When I'm Gone, Will You?
I'm Calm Now
All Will Break
Slow Down
At Your Most Beautiful
I'm Calm Now
Playerin (Alternative Version)
All Will Break
All Will Break (Radio Edit)
All Will Break
Slow Down
Angel Youth
From Here to Anywhere
Aspirins and Alcohol
The Days I Recall Being Wonderful
Will the Violins Be Playing?
Glowing Me Chocking You
Make Friends With Time
Two Hands and Ten Fingers
Life Companion Murphy's Law
Down the Aisle (With You)
Make Friends With Time (instrumental)
The Deepest Care
All Those Kisses
The Wedding
This Place
Same Old Song
Love to Trust
Last Days of April
Never Apart
The Last Days of April
...What's Written in the Sand
This Place
My Friend
Crucify Me
Fly Catching
Next in the Line