Kula Shaker

Kula Shaker are a britpop/psychedelic rock band that formed in London, England in 1995, disbanded in 1999 and then reformed in 2004, widely known for their international top 40 hits "Hey Dude" (in 1996) and "Hush" (in 1997). The band's original line-up was Crispian Mills (vocals, guitar), Alonza Bevan (bass, vocals), Jay Darlington (organ, vocals) and Paul Winterhart (drums), When they reformed in 2004, Darlington was replaced by Harry Broadbent. Read more on Last.fm
K 2.0
Infinite Sun
Holy Flame
Death of Democracy
Let Love Be (With U)
Here Come My Demons
33 Crows
Oh Mary
High Noon
Hari Bol (The Sweetest Sweet)
Get Right Get Ready
Mountain Lifter
K-15 Buried Treasure
Everbody's Turning to Stone
Shower Your Love (Early Recording)
Slipping Away (Unreleased Single)
Magic Theatre (Mum's living room demos)
Moonshine (Mum's living room demos)
If We Were One (Mum's living room demos)
Hey Dude (Live at Moles)
Knight On the Town (Live at Moles)
Under the Hammer (Live at Moles)
303 (Live at Moles)
Grateful When Your Dead (Live at Moles)
Jerry Was There (Live at Moles)
Tattva (Live at Moles)
Hollow Man (Live at Moles)
Gokula (Live at Moles)
Hush (Live at Moles)
Govinda (Live at Moles)
Smart Dogs (Live at Moles)
Pilgrim's Progress
Out on the Highway
Second Sight
Great Dictator (of the Free World)
Song of Love / Narayana
Ol' Jack Tar
6ft Down Blues
Dr Kitt
Super CB Operator
Wannabe Famous
Freedom Lovin' People
Great Dictator (Of The Free World)
Super CB Operator
Big Bad Wolf
Out On The Highway (Acoustic)
Some Good Reason
Revenge of the King
Revenge of the King
Diktator of the Free World
6ft. Down
Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts
Sound of Drums
Sound of Drums (album version)
Hurry on Sundown (Hari Om Sundown)
Reflections of Love (From the Short Film 'Reflections of Love')
Fairyland (feat. Don Pecker)
Summer Sun E.P.
Govinda '97, Hari & St. George
Raagy One (Waiting for Tomorrow)
Troubled Mind