Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot was an American black metal band. It began in 1992 in DeKalb, Illinois as the solo-project of Andrew Harris, who performed under the pseudonym Akhenaten (after the Egyptian Pharaoh of the same name). With the release of Heaven in Flames (1999), Duane Timlin (aka Cryptic Winter) joined the band as a session drummer. During 1999 and 2000, Akhenaten twice performed live with a line-up featuring members from Nargaroth, Krieg, Absu and Maniac Butcher. Read more on Last.fm
Moonlight Butchery
Moonlight Butchery
Death's Hammer
Benevolence Crucified
Conjuring Hell's Fire
To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding
I Awoke to a Night of Pain and Carnage
Terror From the Eastern Sky
Where Eagles Cry and Vultures Laugh
In the Valley of Death, I Am Their King
With Lust and Murder for Our Drink
Behold the Lamb of God Descending
Spectral Dance of the Macabre
The Dead Burst Forth From Their Tombs
March of the Apocalypse
(Side Anti-Last Episode): Armageddon
(Side Anti-Egay): Extinction
To the Coming Age of Intolerance
Destruction Ritual
Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten
Descent to the Abyss
Benevolent Whore, Dethroned for Eternity
Journey Through Visions of War
March Upon a Mighty Throne
Spill the Blood of the Lamb (special blitzkrieg version)
None Shall Escape the Wrath
Embers of Passage
A Crumbling Shrine
Thrones of Wrath
Ceremonial Inversion
Soyons les Pierres du Temple Noir
Under the Sign of Evil
Babylon in Ruin
Unholy Victory
In Den Qualen Der Holle
The Cold Earth
Voor Donker Zullen We Heersen
We Won With War
Distant in Solitary Night
The Wind Stands Silent
Where the Winter Beats Incessant
The Black Clouds Roll Under the Parapet of the Sky
The Clear Moon, and the Glory of the Darkness
To the Black Tower of Victory
In the Bliss of the Eternal Valleys of Hate
Portions of Eternity Too Great for the Eye of Man
Of Great Eternity
... The Heavens Drop With Human Gore...
... I Filled With Woes the Passing Wind...
... Then Mourns the Wanderer...
... For the Last Judgement Draweth Nigh...
... Calls to Heaven for Human Blood...
... Our Sons Shall Rule the Empire of the Sea
Arise, My Lord
The Wind Stands Silent
The Black Clouds Roll Under the Parapet of the Sky
Thy Dying Light
His Eternal Life, Like a Dream Was Obliterated...
Helpless It Lay, Like a Worm in His Frozen Track...
Behold, Our Race of Unstoppable Genius...
From His Woven Darkness Above...
Writhing Upon the Wind of Mystic Philosophy and Dreams...
They Saw His Pale Visage Emerge From the Darkness...
Thy Dying Light, and Desolate Darkness...
Arise, My Lord of Infernal Wisdom...
The Cold Earth Slept Below
Damned Below Judas
The Cold Earth Slept Below
Midnight Frost
Ye Blessed Creatures