Jonathan Larson

Jonathan Larson (February 4, 1960 – January 25, 1996) was an American composer from New York City who created musicals including Rent (1996) and tick, tick...BOOM! (1990). These musicals seriously tackle issues such as multiculturalism, addiction, sexual orientation and HIV. Rent was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and won four Tony Awards. The scores of his shows reveal that he was an apt composer and lyricist. One tick, tick...BOOM! song called "Sunday" is an homage to Stephen Sondheim, who supported Larson. Read more on
Take Me or Leave Me
Take Me or Leave Me (Tracy Young radio)
Take Me or Leave Me (Tracy Young Mixshow)
Take Me or Leave Me (Jackie and Jorio club mix)
Take Me or Leave Me (Gabriel D. Vine's Big Band disco remix)
Out Tonight (Mark!'s Redux club remix edit)
Light My Candle (Monkey Bars remix)
Cast Recording - Act II
Happy New Year
Voicemail #3
Happy New Year 2
Valentine's Day
Take Me or Leave Me
Season of Love (reprise)
Without You
Voicemail #4
Angel Dies
I'll Cover You (reprise)
A Fight
Goodbye Love
What You Own
Voicemail #5
Interlude - Christmas
Interlude - Mark's Film
Mimi Is Dying
Finale - No Day but Today
End of Show Instrumental
Tick, Tick... Boom!
Green Green Dress
Johnny Can't Decide
No More
Real Life
See Her Smile
Come to Your Senses
Louder Than Words
Boho Days
30/90 Playout
Rent: Leven voor vandaag
Steek mijn kaars aan
Today 4 U
Tango Maureen
Life Support
Uit vannacht
Niet vandaag
Mijn waardigheid
Santa Fe
Ik waak over jou
La vie bohème
Ik moet zeggen
La vie bohème B
Seizoenen van liefde
Neem me of laat mme
Als jij gaat
Ik waak over jou (reprise)
Wie jij bent
Finale B
Stimmen/Telefonische nachricht 1
Nur Liebe bleibt "A"
Happy New Year "A"
Bist du okay, Honey
Telefonische nachricht 3/4
Glanz und Glory
Happy New Year "B"
Hast du grad' mal Feuer?
Nimm' mich, sonst mach schluß
Telefonische nachricht 2
Nur Liebe beibt "B"
Zuerst für dich
Du fehlst mir
Ich zeig's euch
Telefonische nachricht 5
Tango Maureen
Ich deck' dich zu - Reprise
Raus heut' Nacht
Ein Andermal
Goodbye, Love
Werd' ich?
Was du hast
Auf der Straße
Telefonische nachricht 6
Sante Fe
Finale "A"
Ich deck' dich zu
Dein Blick / Finale "B"
Alles klar
Die fliegende Kuh
La vie Bohème / Ich sollt' sagen
Tune Up #1
Seasons of Love
Voice Mail #1
Tune Up #2
Voice Mail #3
Happy New Year B
You Okay Honey?
Take Me or Leave Me
Tune Up #3
Seasons of Love B
One Song Glory
Without You
Voice Mail #4
Voice Mail #2
Today 4 U
I'll Cover You (reprise)
You'll See
Tango: Maureen
Goodbye Love
What You Own
Out Tonight
Voice Mail #5
Your Eyes
On the Street
Santa Fe
Seasons of Love
I'll Cover You
We're Okay
Christmas Bells
Over the Moon
La Vie Boheme
I Should Tell You
La Vie Boheme B
Seasons of Love
Seasons of Love