Jonathan Coulton

Jonathan Coulton is a geek rock / folk rock musician active since 2003 from Brooklyn, known for his songs about geek culture. He is best known for such compositions as "Still Alive" and "Code Monkey", as well as his cover of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back". He is the Contributing Troubadour for Popular Science magazine and the musical director for John Hodgman's Little Gray Book Lectures. Every week for a year Coulton released a new song for free on his website as part of his Thing a Week podcast Read more on
Code Monkey Save World: Unplugged
The Future Soon (acoustic 2013)
Code Monkey (acoustic 2013)
Better (acoustic 2013)
Skullcrusher Mountain (acoustic 2013)
Chiron Beta Prime (acoustic 2013)
Curl (acoustic 2013)
I Crush Everything (acoustic 2013)
Creepy Doll (acoustic 2013)
Mr Fancy Pants (acoustic 2013)
Re Your Brains (acoustic 2013)
One Christmas at a Time
Uncle John
One Christmas at a Time
Christmas in Jail
Christmas in July
Christmas With You Is the Best
Christmas Is Interesting
The Week Between
Wikipedia Chanukah
Christmastime Is Wunnerful
Thing a Week I