John Squire

John Squire (born John Thomas Squire on November 24, 1962) is an English musician, guitarist and artist. He was a founding member of The Stone Roses and The Seahorses. From 1984 to 1996 he was the guitarist for The Stone Roses, one of the most influential acts of its era. He grew up on Sylvan Avenue in Timperley and after attending Heyes lane Junior School, he passed the 11+ exam and went on to attend Altrincham Grammar School for Boys where he met Read more on
Marshall's House
Hotel Room
Marshall's House
Lighthouse & Buildings
Cape Cod Morning
People in the Sun
Tables for Ladies
Yawl Riding a Swell
Room in Brooklyn
Time Changes Everything
Joe Louis
Shine A Little Light
Welcome To The Valley
15 Days
Transatlantic Near Death Experience
All I Really Want
Strange Feeling