John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers

John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers were a pioneering English blues band, led by singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist John Mayall, OBE. Mayall used the band name between 1963 and '67 then dropped it for some fifteen years, but in 1982 a 'Return of the Bluesbreakers' was announced and the name began to be re-used. The name became generic without a clear distinction which recordings could be credited just to the leader or to leader and his band. The Bluesbreakers have included luminaries such as: Read more on
In the Palace of the King
You Know That You Love Me
Going Down
Some Other Day, Some Other Time
Palace of the King
I'd Rather Be Blind
Time to Go
Big Legged Woman
Now I've Got a Woman
I Love You More Every Day
Help Me Through the Day
Cannonball Shuffle
You've Got Me Licked
King of the Kings
Living on the Highway
Road Dogs
Road Dogs
Short Wave Radio
So glad
Forty Days
To Heal the Pain
Burned Bridges
Snake Eye
Kona Village
Beyond Control
Chaos in the Neighborhood
You'll Survive
Awestruck & Spellbound
With You
Brumwell's Beat
Southside Story
Dirty Water
Feels Just Like Home
Kids Got the Blues
The Witching Hour
Oh, Leadbelly
Demons in the Night
Pride and Faith
Romance Classified
I Wished I Had
Pieces and Parts
I Thought I Heard the Devil
Padlock on the Blues
Don't Turn Your Back
Padlock on the Blues
A Hard Road
Somebody's Watching
Always a Brand New Road
My Country Girl
The Strip
I've Got to Talk to You
Dancing Shoes
Bad Dream Catcher
When the Blues Are Bad
Ain't No Surrender
White Line Fever
Blues for the Lost Days
Dead City
Stone Cold Deal
All Those Heroes
Blues for the Lost Days
One in a Million
How Can You Live Like That
Some Other Day
I Don't Mind
It Ain't Safe
You Are for Real
Cross Country Blues
Rock 'n' Roll Kitchen
Rock It in the Pocket
An Eye for an Eye
Rise Again
Keep on Rollin'
The Same Old Blues
Black Cat Moan (1981)
A Long Long Way (1981)
A Long Long Way (1984)
High Rollin' Man
Lonely Feelings
Ridin' on the L & N
My Babe
Muddy Waters Blues
Maggie's Boy
Italiano Style
Black Cat Moan (1984)
Chicago Line
Chicago Line
Gimme One More Day
One Life to Live
The Last Time
Dream About the Blues
Fascinatin’ Lover
Cold Blooded Mama
The Dirty Dozens
Tears Came Rollin’ Down
Life in the Jungle
The Latest Edition
Gasoline Blues
Perfect Peace
Going to Take My Time
Deep Down Feelings
Troubled Times
The Pusherman
One of the Few
Love Song
Little Kitten
A Crazy Game
Bare Wires
Bare Wires
Where Did I Belong
I Started Walking
Open a New Door
I Know Now
Look in the Mirror
I'm a Stranger
No Reply
Hartley Quits
Killing Time
She's Too Young
Stand Back Baby
My Time After Awhile
Snowy Wood
Man of Stone
Tears in My Eyes
Driving Sideways
The Death of J. B. Lenoir
I Can't Quit You Baby
Me and My Woman
Checking on My Baby
A Hard Road
A Hard Road
It's Over
You Don't Love Me
The Stumble
Another Kinda Love
Hit the Highway
Leaping Christine
Dust My Blues
There's Always Work
The Same Way
The Supernatural
Top of the Hill
Someday After a While (You'll Be Sorry)
Living Alone
Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton
All Your Love
Another Man
Double Crossing Time
What’d I Say
Key to Love
Parchman Farm
Have You Heard
Ramblin’ on My Mind
Steppin’ Out
It Ain’t Right