Jesper Kyd

Jesper Kyd, (pronounced "Yesper Kied"), born in 1972, Copenhagen, Denmark, is a music composer most notably composing for video games such as the Hitman series, Freedom Fighters, Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, Assassin's Creed and Borderlands. He started out in the mid-eighties by making music on the C64 computer, and made music for many Demo-groups on the C64 and later the Amiga before he started making game music. His official website can be found here for an entire list of credits.
Robotech: Invasion
Main Title
Final Moments
Hymn of the Wasteland
Approaching Invid Hive
The Invid Hive
Wide Planes
Stealth Beats
The Invid Attacks
Boss Attack
Time Out
Night Time in the Forest
Darksiders II
The Dead Plains
The Plains Await
Supernatural Desert
The Eternal Throne
City of the Dead
The Crypt
Death Brings Hope
Plains of Death
Demon Realm
Into the Shadows
Lord of the Black Stone
Dead Plains (reprise)
The Makers Theme
Into Eternity
Makers in the Outlands
Story of the Makers
The Corruption
The Makers Overworld
The Makers Fight Back
The Floating City
Crystal Spire
Trouble in Eden
Stains of Heresy
The Abyssal Plains
The Rod of Arafel
The Crowfather
Freedom Fighters
Main Title
Invasion of the Empire
March of the Empire
Isabella, Leader of the Resistance
Betrayal at Rebel Base
The Battle for Freedom
Flag of Freedom
Freedom Fighters
Choir of Liberty
Rebel Base
Snow Battle
Governor's Island
Final Battle
Zero Hour
Flag of Freedom (original version)
Hitman: Codename 47 / Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Main Title (extended version)
Hong Kong Themes
Jungle Exploration
Dark Jungle
Hotel Themes
Harbor Themes
Hospital Themes
Hotel Music (early demo)
Rainforest (early demo)
Atmosphere Demo
Main Title (original slow version)
Hitman 2 Main Title
Waiting for Action
Action Begins
47 Makes a Decision
The Penthouse
Japanese Mansion
Japanese Snow Castle
Streets of India
Mission in India
47 in St. Petersburg
Trouble in Russia
Desert Sun
Arabian Dance
The Setup
End Boss
Slow Ambience
Fast Ambience
H2 Exploration
H2 Action
Dreams of Istanbul
The Nations II
Forest Hymn (Bombastic mix)
Forest Spirit
The Amazons
Dance of the Pimmons
Last Dance
Fantasy World
Big Forest
Work Hymn
Ambient Fantasy
Game Over
Title Screen
Mission Won
Forest Hymn (Ambient mix)
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Borgia Occupation
Master Assassin
Cesare Borgia
Infiltrating the Borgia Castle
The Brotherhood Escapes
Brotherhood of the Assassins
The Pantheon
Villa Under Attack
Echoes of the Roman Ruins
Borgia Tower
Roman Underworld
Borgia: The Rulers of Rome
Ezio Confronts Lucrezia
Legacy of the Borgia Family
Battle in Spain
Fight of the Assassins
Desmond Miles
VR Room
End Fight (Assassin's Creed 2)
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Hitman 2 Main Title
Waiting for Action
47 Makes a Decision
Japanese Snow Castle
Streets of India
Mission in India
47 in St. Petersburg
Desert Sun
Arabian Dance
The Setup
Slow Ambience
Fast Ambience
H2 Action
Action Begins
The Penthouse
Japanese Mansion
Trouble in Russia
End Boss
H2 Exploration
Dreams of Istanbul
Hong Kong Themes
47 Main Title
Hitman: Contracts
White Room & Main Title
Hong Kong Underground
Slaughter Club
Streets of Hong Kong
Double Ballers
Winter Night
Weapon Select Beats
47 Detected
Budapest Bath Hotel
Assassin's Creed
Spirit of Damascus
Trouble in Jerusalem
Acre Underworld
Access the Animus
Dunes of Death
Masyaf in Danger
Meditation Begins
Meditation of the Assassin
The Bureau
Hitman: Blood Money
Secret Invasion
Before the Storm
47 Attacks
Action in Paris
Amb Zone
Night Time in New Orleans
Club Heaven
Invasion on the Mississippi River
Rocky Mountains
Day Light in New Orleans
Trouble in Vegas
Main Title
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Original Soundtrack
Kane’s Family Portrait
RetoMoto Death Squad
Subway Fight
Lynch Breaks Down
Mall Fight
Training Ambience
State of Decay
State of Decay Main Theme
Sunset of the Undead
Broken World
Blaze of Glory
Funeral for Friends
Invasion of the Zombie Hoarder
Welcome to Decay
Civilization Falls
We Fight Back
Hope Prevails
After Dark
Imminent Attack
Zombie Decay
Zombie Truckin'
Armageddon Rides to Town
Flesh Eating Zombies
Bad News
Chance Encounter
The Nations in-Game Soundtrack
Track 01
Track 02
Track 03
Track 04
Track 05
Track 06
Track 07
Track 08
Track 09
Track 10
Track 11
Track 12
Track 13
Track 14
Track 15
Track 16
Track 17
Track 18
Track 19
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Soundtrack
Vermintide Theme
Skaven Camp Located
The Skaven Come Out to Play
Wizards Tower
The Horde
Red Moon Dread
To the Forest
Skaven Underground
Vermintide Theme Reprise 2
Skaven on the Move
Realm of the Skaven
Headstones & Plague Brew
Red Moon Elegy
Sneaking in City Streets
Vermintide End Boss
Magnus Tower Reached
Sneaking Around the Skaven
Glimmer of Hope
The Courtyard
Tunnels & Dynamite
The Horde 2
Immediate Loss
Vermintide End Times
Robinson: The Journey (Official Soundtrack)
Robinson Theme Extended
Robinson the Journey Main Theme
Dino Birth
Tension in the Nest
The Forest
Learning to Climb
Top of the Forest
The Journey
Flight of the Arora
Robinson Early Test
Launch Trailer