Jeremy Soule

Jeremy Soule (b. December 19, 1975) is an award-winning American composer from Keokuk, Iowa and a prolific composer of orchestral videogame scores. Soule's soundtracks are often critically acclaimed as being among the best in the computer and video games industry and as rivaling the quality of many orchestral film soundtracks. A large percentage of Soule's music is done electronically and emulates real orchestral music so well that it is frequently indistinguishable from the real thing. Read more on
Our Little Blue Planet
The Utopian Dream
Interdimensional Rift
The First Glimpse
Imagine a Future…
iDGi-1 Control
Hello Seeker - Main Title
Consortium Bishop Six
The Consortium
Training Complete
A Shocking Discovery
A Dark Deed Explained
Impossible Surprise Attack
E.M.P Weapon
Brutal Display of Power
A Mysterious Enemy
Sinister Machinations
This Is No Negotiation
All Pawns to Mission Operations
Zenlil Under Siege
A Good Old Fashioned Dogfight
Returning From a Merciful Battle
Returning From a Bloody Battle
Zenlil After The Siege 1
Zenlil After The Siege 2
Zenlil After The Siege 3
Zenlil After The Siege 4
The Consortium Queen
The Virus - Locked In
The Virus - Systems Haywired
Endless Waves of Virtual Soldiers
Zenlil Attacks
The Enemy Influences
Disturbing Nightmare — The Traitor
Dark Faith
Traitor Suicide
The Enemy
The Prophetic Battle
Haunted Zenlil
Homicidal Rage
Seductive Corruption
Preparing to Jump
Freefalling Through a Thunderstorm
Suit Sabotaged
Quantum Paradox — The Churchill Tower
Quantum Limbo
A Trapped Consciousness
To Be Continued
End Titles
The Elder Scrolls Online (Original Game Soundtrack)
For Blood, for Glory, for Honor
Moons of Evening Star
The Three Banners: Fanfare
Omens in the Clouds
Echoes of Aldmeris
Weapons Drawn
Yearning for Moonshadow
Lowering the Banners (Sundown)
Dawn Gleams on Cyrodiil
Rubble and Smoke
Comrades in Arms
Y’Ffre in Every Leaf
North From Riften
Moth, Butterfly, and Torchbug
Elegy for the Remans
Oath of Malacath
Whispers of the Ancestors
Vestige of Hope
Sands of the Alik'r
Winged Twilight
Imperial Legion
Auridon Sunrise
They Did Not Die in Vain
Tamriel Beleagured
To Dance With Daedra
The Towers Cast Long Shadows
Horizons of Cyrodiil
The Legacy of Lorkhan
Arkay Watches
Courage of Ordinary Mortals
The Heart of Nirn
Soaring on Eagle’s Wings
Stendarr’s Mercy
Order of the Ancestor Moth
Onslaught at the Gates
Alas, the Dragon Shall Break
The Keep Has Fallen
Bruma Against the Jeralls
We Honor the Slain
Ruins of the Ayleids
Anequina Beckons
Northpoint Nocturne
Memories of Yokuda Lost
Peril Upon the Sands
Tides of the Abecean Sea
Beauty of Dawn
Guild Wars 2: Original Game Soundtrack
Tyria Awaits
Hero's Canton
The Orders Unite
Journey Through Caledon
Raven Speaks
The Seraph
The Tengu Wall
Melandru's Calm
Journey to the Mists
Bear's Spirit
The Stars Shine on Kryta
Once Friends Now Enemies
Call of the Raven
Lornar's Pass
The Saga of the Norn
Of Tides and Quaggan
Out of the Dream
Dawn in Shaemoor
The Last Great City of Men
Whispers in the Dark
Heritage of Humanity
Fallen Comrades
The Great Wall Has Fallen
The Pact
Snaff's Workshop
Straits of Devastation
Gendarran Fields
Adelbern's Ghost
Eir's Solitude
Kormir's Whispers
Bandit's Expanse
The Hammer Falls
The Walls of Ebonhawke
Shadow of the Behemoth
Almora's Revelation
The Heart of Rata Sum
Battle with the Tamini
Zojja and Mr. Sparkles
Battle of the Vanguard
We Fight!
The Sea of Sorrows
Michoti Battle March
Caithe's Daggers
Malchor's Leap
The Vigil Goes to War
Smodur the Unflinching
The Grand Gamble
Sparkfly Fen
Mepi's Ranch
The Darkness Will Fall
Promenade of the Gods
March of the Legions
Legion of Flames
Change Versus Comfort
Hope Falls
Here be Dragons
Farren's Theme
A Land Restored
The Vaults of the Priory
Scales of Issormir
Ruins Of An Empire
Explorers and Artifacts
Knight of Embers
Trahearne's Reverie
Ventari's Legacy
The Shiverpeaks
The Charr Triumphant
Fear Not This Night
Tears of Stars
Plains of Ashford
Logan's Journey
Sunrise Over Astorea
Tyria Reborn
Blighted Battleground
Monster Galaxy (Original Soundtrack)
Power of the Zodiac
Meteor Shower
Flight of The Mimple
Trolo's Complaint
The Fall of Beefee
Ahab's Abyss
Sunshire Theme
Huey's Theme
Into the Lobster Tornado
Windhym Anthem
Thornwood Shadows
Hanzo's Legend
Rise of Valgore
Sandshire Riptide
Darkwood Vault
Thus Spake Tippy
The Cave
Seashell Strut
Frontier Home
Elegant Plot Exposition Theme
Poe's Nightmare
Galactic Fanfare
The Menagerie
Ballad of the Tamer
The Zodiac Islands
Bonus Track
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Original Game Soundtrack
Before the Storm
A Chance Meeting
Night Without Stars
Out of the Cold
Into Darkness
Unbroken Road
Around the Fire
Kyne’s Peace
Shadows and Echoes
The City Gates
Caught Off Guard
Far Horizons
Silent Footsteps
A Winter’s Tale
Blood and Steel
Tooth and Claw
Towers and Shadows
Under an Ancient Sun
Seven Thousand Steps
One They Fear
Death or Sovngarde
The White River
Watch the Skies
Silence Unbroken
Distant Horizons
The Gathering Storm
Standing Stones
Sky Above, Voice Within
Beneath the Ice
The Jerall Mountains
Death in the Darkness
Steel on Steel
Shattered Shields
Journey’s End
Imperial Throne
Wind Guide You
Guild Wars: Eye of the North
Beyond the Northern Wall
Overture From Eye of the North
Ballad of Ice and Snow
Gwen's Theme
The Scrying Pool
Under the Dark Span (Asura Theme)
Through the Asura Gates
The Doomlore Flame
March Through Norrhart
Livia's Heart
Memories of Ascalon
Claiming Balthazar's Favor
Horns of Gunnar's Hold
Tome of Rubicon (Dwarf Theme)
Darkness Beneath
Lyssa's Dance
The Shattering of the World (Destroyer Theme)
Ogden Stonehealer
Darkrime Delves
Iron Footfalls
Victory Banners
A Storm Is Coming: Battle Depths
Song of the Shiverpeaks (Norn Theme)
Central Transfer Chamber
The Primordial
Live by the Sword (Svanir's Saga)
The Great Bear's Roar
Rise of the Destroyers
Vanguard's Stand
All Hail King Jalis
The Sun Beyond the Peaks
Legacy of the Gods
Supreme Commander / Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
Bellum Infinitus (Theme From Supreme Commander)
The Final Act Begins
An Old Idea Made New
United Earth Federation
Risk, Relief and Victory
The Cybran Nation
Symbiont Legion Rising
Dead Grounds
Employed Strategy
The Winds of Change
One Planet at a Time
The Aeon Illuminate
Followers of the Way
Clash of the Champions
A Cloudy Path
Massive Attack
The Final Cataclysm
There Will Be Peace
The Future Battlefield (E3 Trailer)
Build Music (Sketch)
Battle Music (Sketch)
The Tip of Our Spear (Sketch)
Visitors From Quantum Realm
Colonial Defense Coalition
The Art of War
Rise of the Seraphim
Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold
Supreme Commander (reprise)
Brackman's Strategy
Cybran Razors
Aeon Aggressors
Rhiza's Offensive
Seth-Iavow's Inner Sanctum
An Approaching Darkness
Seraphim Unleashed
The Princess Seals the Deal
An Old Friend Returns
Supreme Commander (reprise) (Guitarless version)
Cybran Razors (Guitarless version)
Supreme Commander
Bellum Infinitus (Theme From Supreme Commander)
The Final Act Begins
An Old Idea Made New
United Earth Federation
Risk, Relief and Victory
The Cybran Nation
Symbiont Legion Rising
Dead Grounds
Employed Strategy
The Winds of Change
One Planet at a Time
The Aeon Illuminate
Followers of the Way
Clash of the Champions
A Cloudy Path
Massive Attack
The Final Cataclysm
There Will Be Peace
The Future Battlefield (E3 Trailer)
Build Music (Sketch)
Battle Music (Sketch)
The Tip of Our Spear (Sketch)
Prey: Music from the Video Game, Volume 1
Prey Overture
Aniwyah Calling
Dark Harvest Begins
Upside Down
"Where in the Hell am I??"
The Land of the Ancients
"As if Appearing From No Where..."
Cries in the Darkness
Back to the Ancient Land
Finding the Warrior Within
Breaching the Surface
Smoke and Mirrors
Desperate Measures
Battle at the Superportal
Primal Instincts
Strengthened Resolve
"Hundreds of Your Miles Tall..."
Prey: Music from the Video Game, Volume 2
Cutting the Power
Survival of the Fittest
"You're Becoming a Nuisance..."
Pushing Towards Fate
Splitting the Arrow
Sacred Realm Desanctified
The Power of the Keepers
Raiding the Keeper's Fortress
Immortality or Oblivion
Redemption and Finale
Prey Super Trailer
Guild Wars: Nightfall
Land of the Golden Sun
Guardian Sunspears
Lost Dynasties
The Grand Cataract
Gathering Storm (extended)
Festival of Lyss
Desert Dwellers
March of the Margonites
Fortress of Jahai
Pride of the Centaurs
Haunted Ruins
Turai's Legacy
Dining in the Great Hall
Elona's New Hope
Path to War
Tortured Souls
Sunspear Assault
Garden of Seborhin
On Harpies' Wings
The Forgotten God
Corsair Armada
Black Sails at Dawn
Theme for Varesh
Sulfurous Wastes
The Garrison
Web of Terror
Invasion of Vabbi
Resplendent Makuun
Kormir's Theme
Kournan Caravan
Into the Breach
Distant Battle
The Makers' Song
Desperate Flight
Unseen Intruders
Abaddon's Gift
The Barricades
The Five True Gods
Trailer - Cries of Elona
Trailer - Sunspears Attack!
Alternate Theme
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Through the Valleys
Death Knell
Wind From the Depths
King and Country
Fall of the Hammer
March of the Marauders
Watchman's Ease
Defending the Gate
Bloody Blades
Ancient Sorrow
Auriel's Ascension
Daedra in Flight
Unmarked Stone
Sunrise of Flutes
Churl's Revenge
Deep Waters
Dusk at the Market
Peace of Akatosh
Warhammer: Mark of Chaos
Warhammer Theme
Trial of the Gods
The Hordes Advance
For the Dark Gods!
Preparing for Battle
Men of the Empire, Make Ready!
Sigmar Protects
Forges of Nuln
From the North They Come
Leave None Alive!
The Siege of Gotterung
Onwards to Victory!
Patrolling the Old World
Unscrupulous Methods
Skulls for the Skull Throne!
Dark Winds
Stefan's Vengeance
For the Emperor
Vigilance and Strength
Sudobaal's Treachery
Stalking the Prize
Shallya Watch Over Us
Patrolling the Borders
The Aftermath of War
The Talebheim Crater
Grim Preparations
Mark of Chaos
Dungeon Siege II
The Siege of Greilyn Beach
Freedom for a Price
Into the Jungle
The Morden Towers
Restless Natives
Kuthraya Caverns
The Dark Wizard of Valdis
Rhythms of Darkness
Peering into the Past
Outside of the Castle
The Morden Mines
Azunite Caverns
Sneaky, Sneaky...
Painful Recollections
The Knotted Shambler
The Trilisk of Xeria
The Tower
An Unsettling Situation
The Inner Walls
Snowbrook Haven
Combative Impulse
The Morden Dragon
Talon's Final Stand
The Mines of Kaderak
Havoc Hath Wrought
Summit of the Dark Wizards
Zaramoth's Horns
Final Confrontation
Snow Covered Landscapes
Darthrulian Sands
Pet Shopping
A Desert Affair
Tales of Kalrathia
Tracking the Morden Riders
The Ruins of Okaym
Guild Wars: Factions
Guild Wars Factions Theme
Age of the Dragon
Shing Jea Monastery
Luxon Theme
Kurzick Theme
Kaineng City
Harvest Festival
Jade Sea
Echovald Forest
Assassin's Theme
Ritualist's Theme
Tanglewood Copse
The Eternal Grove
Minister Cho's Estate
Zen Daijun
Unwaking Waters
Rasu Palace
Day of the Jade Wind
Bonus Track 1
Bonus Track 2
Bonus Track 3
Bonus Track 4
Guild Wars: Sorrow's Furnace
The Foundry
Dark Forge
Grenth's Footprint
Sorrow's Furnace
The Latch
Sorrow's Stand
Stone Summit
Strenuous Trek
Guild Wars: Battle Pak 1
Ice Cave Confrontation
Once More Into the Breach
Tomb of the Primeval Kings
Return to Ascalon
Arrival in Silverwood
Riverside in Province
Converging Descent
The Dragon's Lair
A Test of Strength
The Line in the Sand
Fort Ranik March
Prisoners of War
Bloodstone Fen
Borlis Pass
Guild Wars
Opening Theme
Autumn in Ascalon
Mhenlo's Theme
Journey to Lion's Arch
Over the Shiverpeaks
Eye of the Storm
Prince Rurik's Theme
Sands of Kryta
Divinity Coast
The Door of Komalie
The Moment of Truth
Devona's Theme
Cynn's Theme
Tears of the Fallen
Eve's Theme
Abaddon's Mouth
Crystal Oasis
Gwen's Theme
Aidan's Theme
Guilds at War
Hall of Heroes
The Rift
Whitman's Folly
Tasca's Theme
Ascension Song
Temple of Tolerance
The Great Raid
Althea's Theme
The Charr
The Great Northern Wall
Droknar's Forge
First Light
The Elementalist
A Warrior's Heart
Beyond the Ocean
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
Outer Reaches
Fallen City
Gabriel's War Cry
Mysteries of the Eldar
Gathering of the Clans
March of the Emperor
Sorcery and Might
Blood Ravens Approach
Urban Wasteland
Dawn of War
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Startup Screen
Main Theme
The Old Republic
Taris Upper City
Sith Guard Encounter
Taris Lower City
Javyar's Cantina
Taris Sewers
Rakghoul Attack
The Black Vulkars
Bastila Shan
The Leviathan
Inside the Sith Base
Battle at Davik's Estate
Arrival at Dantooine
The Jedi Academy
Dantooine Outback
Mandalorian Battle
Kinrath Cave
Ancient Ruins
Guard Droids
Anchorhead Street Fight
Tatooine Dune Sea
Desert Wraid Attack
Tusken Enclave
Sand People Ambush
Czerka Corporation
Ahto City
Ahto Sith Battle
Hrakert Station
Selkath Fight
The Shadowlands
Confronting Darth Bandon
Korriban Sith Academy
Uthar Wynn's Trials
Captured by the Leviathan
Darth Malak
The Unknown World
Rancor Battle
The Temple
Last Chance
Aboard the Starforge
The Sith
The Last Confrontation
Finale & End Credits
Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Island Overture
Majorcan Voyage
Flight of the Meccs
Baz's Adagio
Meccs at the Ready
Delphi's Journey
Les Nuages
The Four Elements
A Mother's Love Lost
Yan's Apprentice
La Mer Agitée
Kabuto Stone
A Creature of Legend
Kabuto's Awakening
A More Perfect Daughter
Kill, Crush, Destroy
Sappho's Demise
Torture Square
Yan's Dojo
Dangerous Magic
Sappho's Scheme
Inside Whittington Prison
The Vimp Hunt
Ripping Rippers
Neverwinter Nights
Battle Dungeon 3
Battle City 1
Battle City 2
Battle City 3
Battle City Boss
Battle Dragon
Battle Dungeon 1
Battle Dungeon 2
Battle Aribeth
Battle Dungeon Bonus
Battle Final
Battle Forest 1
Battle Forest 2
Battle Forest Boss
Battle Lizard Boss
Battle Rural
Castle Theme
City Night Theme
Crypt Theme 1
Crypt Theme 2
Docks Day Theme
Docks Night Theme
Dungeon Theme
Ending Movie
Evil Dungeon Theme 1
Evil Dungeon Theme 2
Evil Temple Theme
Forest Day Theme 1
Forest Day Theme 2
Forest Night Theme
Good Temple Theme 1
Good Temple Theme 2
Main Theme
Market Theme
Mine 1
Mine 2
Noble House Theme
Noble Theme
Rural Day Theme 1
Rural Day Theme 2
Rural Night Theme
Sewer Theme
Slums Day Theme
Slums Night Theme
Store Theme
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Nerevar Rising
Bright Spears, Dark Blood
Knight's Charge
Peaceful Waters
Dance of Swords
Hunter's Pursuit
Blessing of Vivec
Silt Sunrise
Stormclouds on the Battlefield
Shed Your Travails
Drumbeat of the Dunmer
Icewind Dale
The Tale of Icewind Dale (Movie 1)
Icewind Dale Theme
Easthaven in Peace
Hrothgar's Home
Temple of Tempus
The Lost Caravan
Drums of the Dead
Avalanche at the Pass (Movie 2)
Kuldahar Theme
Arundel's Home
Vale of Shadows
Lysan's Lair
Kresselack's Tomb
Kresselack's Lair
Temple of the Forgotten God Entrance
Temple of the Forgotten God Interior
Heartstone Shrine
The Dragon's Eye
Yxunomei's Lair
Severed Hand Entrance
Severed Hand Interior
The Mage Tower
Lerrel's Daughter
Lerrel's Astrolab
The Heartstone Gem (Movie 3)
Upper Dorn's Deep Entrance
Upper Dorn's Deep Interior
Drow & Orog Gate
Umber Hulk Labyrinth
The Wyrm's Tooth Entrance
Aquarium of Alkonos
Frost Giant Cave
Lower Dorn's Deep
Svirfneblin Refugee Camp
Marketh's Palace
Artisan's District
The Fallen Temple
Belhifet's Doom
Return to Easthaven (Movie 4)
Easthaven in Pieces
Success! (Movie 5)
Total Annihilation
[data track]
Brutal Battle
Fire and Ice
The March Unto Death
Ambush in the Passage
Forest Green
Death and Decay
Licking Wounds
Futile Attempt
On Throughout the Night
Charred Dreams
Where Am I
Blood of the Machines
Secret of Evermore
10 Print "Hello World"
Variations of Castle Theme
The Secret of Evermore
Ancient World
Greek Temple
Pirate Theme
Ocean Theme
Merchant Theme
The Queens
Greek Temple
The Scientist
Puppet Song
Mini Boss
Greek Temple II
Cecil's Town
Over the Waterfall
The Rat's Chamber
White Castle Town
Quick Sand Field
Dark Castle
The Tinkerer
White Castle
Freak Show
Dog Maze
Final Boss Music
Ending Music
The Return