Jeff Wayne

There are two artists using this name: 1. Jeff Wayne is a composer known mostly for his musical version of H.G. Wells' The War Of The Worlds. In the production of The War Of The Worlds he put together all of the music himself and contributed some vocals to the final track of the original 1978 release. He also wrote several advertising jingles in the 1970s which appeared on television in the United Kingdom, notably the Gordon's Gin commercial, which was systematically covered and re-covered by the Human League. Read more on
Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of the War of the Worlds: The New Generation
The Eve of the War
The Red Weed, Part 1
Horsell Common and the Heat Ray
The Spirit of Man
The Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine
The Red Weed, Part 2
Forever Autumn
The Artilleryman Returns
Thunder Child
Brave New World
Dead London, Part 1
Dead London, Part 2
Epilogue, Part 1
Epilogue, Part 2 (NASA)
Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of Spartacus
Going Home
Animal and Man, Part One
The Parting of the Ways
Animal and Man, Part Two
We Carry On
For All Time
Trust Me
Two Souls With a Single Dream
The Eagle and the Hawk
The Last Battle / The Eagle and the Hawk (reprise)
The Appian Way
Epilogue, Part One
Epilogue, Part Two
Beyond the Planets
Waves (A Special Overture) / The Journey
Mars (The Bringer Of War)
Venus (The Bringer Of Peace)
Mercury (The Winged Messenger)
Jupiter (The Bringer Of Jollity)
Circles / Saturn (The Bringer Of Old Age)
Uranus (The Magician)
Neptune (The Mystic) / The Heavens Reply / Beyond (The Finale)