James Newton Howard

James Newton Howard (born June 9, 1951 in Los Angeles, California, United States) is an American film score composer. Throughout his prolific career, James Newton Howard has scored films of all scales and genres, earning multiple award nominations for his work. Howard began studying music as a small child and went on to attend the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, California and then majored in piano performance at the University of Southern California. Read more on Last.fm
Maleficent Suite
Welcome to the Moors
Maleficent Flies
Battle of the Moors
Three Peasant Women
Go Away
Aurora and the Fawn
The Christening
Prince Phillip
The Spindle's Power
You Could Live Here Now
Path of Destruction
Aurora in Faerieland
The Wall Defends Itself
The Curse Won't Reverse
Are You Maleficent?
The Army Dances
Phillip's Kiss
The Iron Gauntlet
Maleficent Is Captured
Once Upon a Dream
Falling Down
Main Title
First Phone Call
Second Phone Call
Hole in Shoe
Drive-By Shooting
Bus Stop
MacArthur Park
Miracle Mile
To Surplus Store
Police Car Sting
Fitting Room
Back Room
Other Side of the Moon
Under Construction
Golf Course
Mother’s House
Caretaker’s Family
Til Death Do Us Part
Beth Kicks Gun
Falling Down (revised)
Still a Cop (revised alternate)
End Titles
I’m the Bad Guy?
Falling Down (revised alternate)
Still a Cop (revised)
Wild Pulse Guitar 1
Wild Pulse Guitar 2
Wild Pulse Guitar 3
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Original Motion Picture Score
I Had to Do That
We Have Visitors
Just Friends
Mockingjay Graffiti
The Tour
Waltz in A (Op. 39, No. 15)
A Quarter Quell
Katniss Is Chosen
Introducing the Tributes
There’s Always a Flaw
Bow and Arrow
We’re a Team
Let’s Start
The Games Begin
Peeta’s Heart Stops
The Fog
Monkey Mutts
Broken Wire
Arena Crumbles
Good Morning Sweetheart
John F Kennedy
Life Before
Parade Prep
Secret Service
They Think He's the Shooter
Trauma Room
Kiss Him Goodbye
I Forgive Your Sins
Developing the Tape
The Video
We Have a Heartbeat
Get Him on the Plane
Can You Develop It
Get Him to the Hospital
It's Happening Again
Two Burials
Life Goes On
After Earth: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
The History of Man
I’m Not Advancing You
Pack Your Bags
Leaving Nova Prime
Can You Ghost?
Ship Tears Apart
Kitai Finds Cypher
Get Me Into the Cockpit
The Mission
Kitai on Earth
Four Vials Remain, Sir
Run to the Falls
Abort Mission
Bird Attack
Nest Battle
Safety in the Hog Hole
Saved by the Bird
The Tail
Dad, Are You There?
See the Peak
Run to the Volcano
Somewhere to Hide
Chase Through the Cave
I Wanna Work With Mom
After Earth
The Bourne Legacy
You Fell In Love
Program Shutdown
Over The Mountain
High Powered Rifle
They're All Dead
Manila Lab
Wolves / Sick Ric
Doctor Of What?
Aaron In Chicago
Wolf Attack
Chem Talk
Flight 167
Aaron Run!
You Belong Here
Cognitive Degrade
17 Hour Head Start
Viralled Out
You're Doing Fine
Simon Ross
Larx Tarmac
Magsaysay Suite
Extreme Ways (Bourne's Legacy)
Snow White & The Huntsman
Snow White
I'll Take Your Throne
Tower Prayers
Something for What Ails You
Escape From the Tower
You Failed Me Finn
White Horse
Journey to Fenland
Fenland in Flames
White Hart
I Remember That Trick
Death Favors No Man
Warriors on the Beach
You Can Not Defeat Me
You Can't Have My Heart
Breath of Life
The Hunger Games: Original Motion Picture Score
Katniss Afoot
Reaping Day
The Train
Entering the Capitol
Preparing the Chariots
Horn of Plenty
Penthouse / Training
Learning the Skills
The Countdown
Booby Trap
Healing Katniss
We Could Go Home
Searching for Peeta
The Cave
Green Lantern
Prologue / Parallax Unbound
Abin Sur Attacked
Carol Scolds Hal
Drone Dogfight
Did Adam Put You Up to This?
The Ring Chooses Hal
Genesis of Good and Evil
The Induction Process
Welcome to Oa
We're Going to Fly Now
You Reek of Fear
The Origin of Parallax
You Have to Be Chosen
Hector's Analysis
Hal Battles Parallax
Water for Elephants
Did I Miss It?
The Circus Sets Up
Circus Fantasy
Jacob Sees Marlena
Button Up Your Overcoat (excerpt)
Proszę Rosie, daj noge
Speakeasy Kiss
I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)
Barabra's Tent
Jacob Returns
Don't Tell Him What Happened to Me
Shooting Star
The Job Is Yours
I Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl
Stomp Time Blues
I Can See Straight Through You
Baptism / Jacob & Rosie
The Stampede / I'm Coming Home
Prisoner Exchange
Escaping the CIA
Orlov's Story
Chase Across DC
Hotel Room Preparations / Parade
Attack on St. Bart's Cathedral
A Dark Goddamn Hole
Taser Puppet
You Are My Greatest Creation
Barge Apocalypse
Day X
I'm Going Home
Eight Floors Down
Arming the Football
Not Safe With Me
You're About to Become Famous
Mano a Mano
Go Get Em
The Last Airbender
Airbender Suite
The Avatar Has Returned
The Four Elements Test
Journey to the Northern Water Tribe
Hall of Avatars
The Blue Spirit
The Spirit World
We Could Be Friends
We Are Now the Gods
Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang
Coping Very Well
The Person You Need
Topsey and Turvey
The Cousins Arrive
My Father's Jam
Nanny Arrives
Nanny Explains the Rules
Self Punishing Spell
Animal Parade
Animals in Bed
Pursuit of the Piglets
Synchronized Snouts
Celia Gets a Delivery
Triumphant Trappers
Phil's Contract
Nanny McPhee We Need You
The Telegram
Speeding Through London
Defusing the Bomb
Defusing the Bomb, Part 2
The Burp Heard 'round the World
Miracle of the Harvest
End Credits
The Tourist
Tracking Elise
Burned Letter
Paranoid Math Teacher
Arrival at Venice
Elise Offers a Ride
A Very Nice Kiss
Bedroom Dreams
Piecing It Together
Rooftop Run
Chase Through the Canals
Because I Kissed You
A Very Nice Hotel
Arriving at the Ball
Your Choice in Men
Sudden Departure
The Infinite Price
The Janus Safe
Rain of Bullets
Elise & Alexander
Personal Cheque
Dance in F
Following Claire
Security Meeting
Split to Rome
Tully's Letter
The Ghost
Rome Hotel
Back to the Unit
Split to London
The Frame Up
Split to Miami
Miami Hotel
Share My Fire
Safe House
Split to Cleveland
The Formula
San Diego Airport
A Cream or a Lotion?
Airport Love
The Real Setup
Duplicitá a Due
Being Bad
The Fugitive: Expanded Archival Collection
Main Title
Kimble Calls Gerard
The Trial
Memorial Hospital / It’s Not Over Yet
The Bus
See a Friend / Sykes Marks Kimble
The Hand / The Hunt / The Tow Truck
This is My Stop / El Train Fight
The Hospital
The Hotel
Helicopter Chase
Roof Fight Pt. 1 / Roof Fight Pt. 2 / Nichols Reappears
The Sewer
The Elevator / The Laundry Room
Kimble in the River
It’s Over / End Credits
The Dream / Kimble Dyes His Hair
The Fugitive Theme
Copeland Bust
Kimble Dyes His Hair
Kimble Calls Hist Lawyer / No Press
No Press
Kimble Returns to Hospital
No Press (alternate)
The Montage / Cops Bust the Boys / Computer Search
No Press (no sax)
Kimble Saves the Boy
Cops Bust the Boys (alternate)
Gerard Computes
Computer Search (no sax)
The Courthouse / Stairway Chase
Roof Fight Pt. 1 (less percussion)
Cheap Hotel / Sykes' Apartment
Roof Fight Pt. 2 (less orch verb)
Helicopter Chase / The Sewer (synth demos)
Piano End Credits
The Happening
Main Titles
Evacuating Philadelphia
Vice Principal
Central Park
We Lost Contact
You Can't Just Leave Us Here
Rittenhouse Square
Five Miles Back
Jess Comforts Elliot
My Firearm Is My Friend
Abandoned House
You Eyin' My Lemon Drink?
Mrs. Jones
Be With You
End Title Suite
Defiance Main Titles
Make Them Count
Your Wife
The Bielski Otriad
Bella and Zus
Camp Montage
The Wedding
Escaping the Ghetto
Police Station
Tuvia Kisses Lilka
Nothing is Impossible
The Bielski Brothers / Ikh Bin a Mame
The Dark Knight
Why So Serious?
Bank Robbery (Prologue)
I'm Not a Hero
Buyer Beware
Harvey Two-Face
Halfway to Hong Kong
Aggressive Expansion
Decent Men in an Indecent Time
Always a Catch
You're Gonna Love Me
Blood on My Hands
A Little Push
You Complete Me
Like a Dog Chasing Cars
The Ferries
I Am the Batman
We Are Tonight's Entertainment
And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad
A Watchful Guardian
Agent of Chaos
Why So Serious? (The Crystal Method remix)
Introduce a Little Anarchy
Poor Choice of Words (The Paul Van Dyk remix)
Watch the World Burn
Gunpowder and Gasoline (Mel Wesson remix)
Rory's First Kiss (Ryeland Allison remix)
I Am Legend
My Name Is Robert Neville
Deer Hunting
Scan Her Again
Darkseeker Dogs
Sam's Gone
Talk to Me
The Pier
Can They Do That?
I'm Listening
The Jagged Edge
I'm Sorry
Michael Clayton
Main Titles
Drive to the Field
Just Another Day
Meeting Karen
Looking for Arthur
U North
Arthur & Henry
Times Square
Mr. Verne
I'm Not the Guy You Kill
25 Dollars Worth
The Lookout
I Wake Up
The Night Janitor
Harvest Money
Casing the Bank
Money Is Power
Luvlee, Bone and Gary
Second Thoughts
Heist, Part 1
Heist, Part 2
Lewis Taken Hostage
Start at the End
Imagining Kelly
Chris Saves Lewis
To Be Forgiven
The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
Back Where You Belong
The Water Horse Main Title
Angus Feeds Crusoe
You Didn't Even Get Wet
The Workshop
Driving to the Loch
Run Angus
The Fishermen
Angus in Training
The Children Laugh
The Dinner Party
There's No Monster
Saving Crusoe
The Net
The Jump
End of the Story
The Water Horse Suite
Charlie Wilson's War
Charlie Wilson
Telex Machine
Refugee Camp
It's Up to Me
The Belly Dancer
Turning the Tide
Where's It at, Charlie?
Honored Colleague
The Great Debaters
Wiley College
Meet Me After Class
Who's Next?
Choosing the Team
Give Me the Check
Who's Your Opponent?
Union Meeting
Sheriff Tightens His Grip
Quinn Debate
Burgess Quits
Oklahoma Debate
Tolson Arrested
Lowe Returns Drunk
Never Going to Forget
James' Failure
Letter From Harvard
Train to Boston
Empty Debate Hall
Who's the Judge
Memorial Hall
James' Speech
And the Winner Is ...
Lady in the Water
The Party
Ripples in the Pool
The Blue World
Giving the Kii
Walkie Talkie
Cereal Boxes
Officer Jimbo
The Healing
The Great Eatlon
End Titles
The Times They Are A-Changin'
Every Grain of Sand
It Ain't Me Babe
Maggie's Farm
Main Title
The Lie
Brenda's Apartment
Did They Arrest Anyone?
Rafik Is Arrested
Inside Freedomland
You're in the Wrong Park
I'll Come See You
Little Angel
Blood Diamond
Blood Diamond Titles
Crossing the Bridge
Village Attack
RUF Kidnaps Dia
Archer & Solomon Hike
Maddy & Archer
Solomon Finds Family
Fall of Freetown
Did You Bury It?
Archer Sells Diamond
Your Son Is Gone
Diamond Mine Bombed
Solomon's Helping Hand
G8 Conference
Solomon & Archer Escape
I Can Carry You
Your Mother Loves You
Thought I'd Never Call?
Solomon Vandy
When Da Dawgs Come Out to Play
Batman Begins
The Interpreter
Silvia Is Followed
Tobin Comes Home
Silvia's Background
Drowning Man Trail (Atolago)
Guy Forgot His Lunch
The Phonecall
Simon's Journals
Silvia Showers
Did He Leave a Note?
Zuwanie Arrival at UN
End Credits (Atolago)
King Kong
A Fateful Meeting
Defeat Is Always Momentary
Two Grand
The Venture Departs
Last Blank Space on the Map
It's Deserted
Something Monstrous... Neither Beast nor Man
Head Towards the Animals
Tooth and Claw
That's All There Is...
The Empire State Building
Beauty Killed the Beast I
Beauty Killed the Beast II
Beauty Killed the Beast III
Beauty Killed the Beast IV
Beauty Killed the Beast V
The Village
Noah Visits
What Are You Asking Me?
The Bad Color
Those We Don't Speak Of
Will You Help Me?
I Cannot See His Color
The Gravel Road
Race to Resting Rock
The Forbidden Line
The Vote
It Is Not Real
The Shed Not to Be Used
Main Title
Don't Waste Our Money
Arriving in the Desert
Morning of the Race
The Race Begins
The Second Half
Frank Pushes On
The Trap
The Last Push
The Final Three
Let 'er Buck
Main Title
Finding Rick
Animal Exodus
Becky Bleeds
The Weasel
The Debate
Henry Returns to the Cabin
What Are You Up To?
Henry Meets Owen
Curts and Owen Battle
Duddets Warns Henry
Pete and Trish
Peter Pan
Main Title
Learning to Fly
Is That a Kiss?
Peter's Shadow
A Note From the Teacher
Build a House Around Her
Come Meet Father
Fetch Long Tom
Fairy Dance
Set Them Free
I Do Believe in Fairies
Please Don't Die
Flying Jolly Roger
Peter Returns
The Package
Main Title / Henke Arrest / The Chateau
The Plot / Carlson Killing
House Arrest
Computer Alert (,Part 1) / Computer Alert, Part 2
Gallagher Escapes House Arrest
Police Chase Eileen in Garage
Richards Follows Gallagher / The Brass Arrives
Neo-Nazi Demonstration
The Shoot Out
Gallagher to Eileen & Security Montage / Gallagher Taken Down Stairs
Boyette Leaves Safehouse
Johnny Escapes Killer
Eileen Answers Phone / Chase, Part 1 / Chase, Part 2
Chase, Part 3
Chase Finale, Part 1 / Chase Finale, Part 2
You're a Dead Man, Sergeant / End Credits
Main Titles
First Crop Circles
Roof Intruder
Brazilian Video
In the Cornfield
Baby Monitor
Recruiting Office
Throwing a Stone
Boarding Up the House
Into the Basement
Asthma Attack
The Hand of Fate, Part I
The Hand of Fate, Part II
Treasure Planet
I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme)
Always Know Where You Are
12 Years Later
Billy Bones
The Map
The Launch
Silver Comforts Jim
Jim Chases Morph
Silver Bargains
The Back Door
The Portal
Jim Saves the Crew
Silver Leaves
The Emperor's Club
Main Title
Teaching Montage
Hundert Remembers
Quiz Montage
The Big Test
Hundert Quits
25 Years later
Sedgewick's Father
Confronting Sedgewick
Hundert Comes Clean
The Toast
Young Martin Blythe
Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Where the Dream Takes You
The Submarine
Milo's Turned Down
Atlantis Is Waiting
The Leviathan
Bedding Down
The Journey
Milo Meets Kida
The City of Atlantis
Milo and Kida's Questions
Touring the City
The Secret Swim
The Crystal Chamber
The King Dies/Going After Rourke
Just Do It
Kida Returns
crystal vine
Vertical Limit
Three Years Later
I Need One More
Base Camp
You Wanna Do This?
Your Father Was A Smart Man
Don't Touch Her
Maybe You Should Turn Back
Vaughn Decides
Annie And Peter
Peter's Jump/Tom's Heart
It's A Good Song
Inner Sanctum / The Nesting Grounds
Can Somebody Tell Me Who I Am
The Egg Travels
Aladar & Neera
The Courtship
The End of Our Island
They're All Gone
Raptors / Stand Together
Across the Desert
Finding Water
The Cave
The Carnotaur Attack
Neera Rescues the Orphans
It Comes With a Pool
Kron & Aladar Fight
Reflection of Elijah
Falling Down
The Wreck
Second Date
School Nurse
The Orange Man
Carrying Audrey
Mr. Glass / End Title
The Sixth Sense
Run to the Church
De Profundis
Mind Reading
Suicide Ghost
Malcolm's Story / Cole's Secret
Hanging Ghosts
Tape of Vincent
Help the Ghosts / Kyra's Ghost
Kyra's Tape
Malcolm Is Dead
Snow Falling on Cedars
Lost in the Fog
Carl's Fishing Net
Moran Finds the Boat
Hatsue and Ishmael Kiss
Driftwood Hideaway
The Strawberry Field
The Worst Kind of News
Seven Acres
The German Soldier
Coast Guard Report
The Evacuation
Courtroom Montage
Susan Marie Remembers
The Defense
Snow Drive
The Battery
Carl and Kazuo Negotiate
Humanity Goes on Trial
New Evidence
Snow Angels
Can I Hold You Now?
End Titles
A Perfect Murder
Main Title
Ever Been To Be To Belize?
That's Not Happiness To See Me
It's Too Late
The Attack
He's In The Kitchen
Safe Deposit Box
Can You Ever Forgive Me?
You Take Care
What Happens If...?
The Postman
Main Titles
Shelter in the Storm
The Belly of the Beast
General Bethlehem
Abby Comes Calling
The Restored United States
The Postman
Almost Home
It Will Happen Naturally
The Next Big Thing
This Perfect World
Once This Was the Promise Land
I Miss My Radio
Come and Get Your Love
You Didn't Have to Be So Nice
Devil's Advocate
Main Title
New York
Apartment Building
Geddes / Weaver
Finish the Story
Cullen Gets Off
Can't Have Children
57th Street
Air on the G String
I Rest My Case
Space Jam: Motion Picture Score
Main Titles
Moron Mountain
Back to Earth
We Seek Bugs Bunny
Tuneland Meeting
General Bugs
Alien Transformation
Hole in One
Michael in Tuneland
Spit Shine
The Monstars
The Tunes Practice
Stealing the Shorts
The Ultimate Game
Monstars Locker Room
Secret Stuff
The Second Half
You Get Me
Crush ’em
You the Duck
The Winning Shot
Gimme the Ball
Not Good at Cheatin'
Michael Jordan Returns
Grand Canyon
Main Titles
Claire Returns the Baby
My Sister Lives Around Here / Those Rocks
The Baby
Don't Work Late
Mack's Flashback
Don't Want Out
Searching for a Heart
Mack and Claire's Dream
Dee in Brentwood
Otis Runs
You White?
Keep the Baby
Doesn't Matter
Grand Canyon Fanfare / End Titles
Primal Fear
Introitus: Cibavit Eos
Martin Meets Aaron
Molly's Interview
The Murder Scene
Courtroom Montage
Chasing Alex
Got an Aspirin?
Canção Do Mar
Aaron on Stand
Roy Appears
Under the Tracks
Janet Finds Video
Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)
Dinner With Shaughnessy
Don't Smile
I'm Arrogant
Martin Reviews Crime Scene
Switching Videos
What Did You Say?
Roy's Freeze Frame
Love Hurts
If Love's a Sweet Passion
Main Titles
Frost Dance in C
A Night With Lulu
Minuet in G
Here the Deities Approve
A Creature of the New Age
Overture in D
The Wedding
Hornpipe in D Minor
Arrival in Bidnold
The Cabinet of Curiosities
The Land of Mar
The Lie
A New Ground in E Minor
Merivel Woos Celia
Katharine Sleeps
Taking Bidnold Back
Muzette 1 in A Minor
The Right Knowledge
The Plague
Katharine's Death
Night Sweats
Doctor Merivel
Listening to Celia's Heart
The Fire
Allegro From Sinfonia (Act II)
Your Child I Believe
2nd Overture in D
Main Titles
Escaping the Smokers
The Atoll
Prodigal Child
Smokers Sighted
The Skyboat
National Geographics
The Bubble
Helen Frees the Mariner
Helen Sews
Slide for Life
Half an Hour
We're Gonna Die
Arriving at the Deez
Deacon's Speech
Why Aren't You Rowing?
Balloon Flight
Dry Land
Mariner's Goodbye
Main Credits
Just Cause
Main Titles
Searching for Clues
Bobby Earl in the Elevator
That's Lauries Car
Finding the Scimitar
Bobby's Confession
Ida Remembers
Read the Signs
Sullivan Phones
The Execution
Conviction Overturned
Phony Message
Case Closed
Main Titles
Motaba River Vally
Final Authorization
White Flags
Casey Rips His Suit
Finding the Ship
Casey Goes Down
Robbies's Bedside
Jimbo Gets Sick
Cedar Creek Exodus
A Little Resistance
They're Coming
Main Titles
She Needs Her Father
What's a Girl Gotta Do?
The Auction
First Date
Letter to Olivia
The Last Ride
The Accident
Vincent's Message
He's Going Flat
Personal Effects
End Titles
Wyatt Earp
Main Title
Home From the War
Going to Town
The Wagon Chase
Mattie Wants Children
Nicholas Springs Wyatt
Is That Your Hat?
The Wedding
Stillwell Makes Bail
It All Ends Now
Urilla Dies
Tell Me About Missouri
The Night Before
O.K. Corral
Down by the River
Kill 'Em All
Dodge City
Leaving Dodge
Indian Charlie
We Stayed Too Long
Winter to Spring
It Happened That Way
Main Titles
The Picnic
To the White House
You're On
Are You Threatening Me
She Hates Me
The Teaching Montage
Do You Like Magic?
Dave Passes Out
The Tunnel
How'd You Get Started?
Into the Fog
End Titles
The First Night
Nando Awakes
Finding the Tail
Are You Ready?
Frozen Climbers
It's God
The Final Climb
End Titles
The Fugitive
Main Titles
The Storm Drain
Kimble Dyes His Hair
Helicopter Chase
"The Fugitive" Theme
Subway Fight
Kimble Returns
No Press
Stairway Chase
Sykes' Apt.
It's Over
The Saint of Fort Washington
Main Titles
Sewing Money
The Rainstorm
Matthew Takes a Picture
Back to the Shelter
Matthew's Casket
End Titles
Main Title
Do I Have It or Not
Training Montage
Lane Sees Emily
Diggs' House
Slim's Fight
Billy's Fight
Torres Fight
The Mock Ending
End Credits
Dying Young
Theme From Dying Young
Driving North / Moving In
The Clock
Love Montage
The Maze
All the Way
Hillary's Theme
Victor Teaches Art
The Bluff
San Francisco
All the Way
I'll Never Leave You (Love Theme)
The Prince of Tides
Main Title
Teddy Bears
To New York
The Bloodstain
The Fishmarket
The New York Willies
The Village Walk
Lila's Theme
Home Movies
Daddy's Home
The Hallway (love theme)
They Love You Dad
So Cruel
Savanna Awakes
Love Montage
Tom Comes Home
The Outdoors
Tom's Breakdown
The Street
For All We Know (instrumental)
The Reunion
End Credits
For All We Know
Places That Belong to You
My Girl
My Girl
More Today Than Yesterday
Hot Fun in the Summertime
Wedding Bell Blues
Do Wah Diddy Diddy
I Saw the Light
Good Lovin'
Bad Moon Rising
If You Don't Know Me by Now
I Only Have Eyes for You
Saturday in the Park
Theme From 'My Girl'
The Man in the Moon
Dani Brings Court Water
Back Door
First Kiss
My Goodness
The Walk
The Pond
Dani Remembers
The Funeral
Court's Accident
End Titles
Go Home
Girls in Hallway
Dani and Dad
Swimming Hole
Dani Sees Court
Guilty By Suspicion
I'm Just a Lucky So and So
Straighten Up and Fly Right
They Can't Take That Away From Me
It Never Entered My Mind
Dorothy's Trailer
NY to LA - The Bus Depot
The Funeral
Photo Montage
End Titles
Promised Land
Plymouth Waltz
Winter Scene
Promised Land Suite
O Magnum Mysterium
Main Titles
Danny and His Dad
The Hot Springs
Circle K Shooting
Ice Skating
Telephone Call
Bev Cuts Danny's Hair
Leaving Knolls
3/4 #1
Dreams and Promises
Main Title
Danny's Theme
Men Against the Sea
The Submarine
Danny Enters Bunker
Danny Flies
The Cuban Project
Sgt. Slammer
On the Ball
The Old Russian Folk Song
Ramay Chases Russkies
Sgt. Kovack
Mischa Throws Fish
Kids Bike Through Town
After the Fight
Mischa Cuts Fence
Danny Escapes
"You're in America Now"
The End of the Dream
Off Limits
Questioning Maurice
The War Zone
Nicole's Theme
Following Col. Armstrong
Spotting Nicole
Love Theme
Body Bombing
Final Chase
Getting a Look
Car Bombing
Nam Is Dead
Sgt. Flowers
Sapper Chase
The Viet Cong Post
Love Theme (reprise)
James Newton Howard
Six B's
Newton's Ego
Margaret I'm Home