James Morrison

There are multiple artists called James Morrison: 1) an English singer-songwriter from Rugby 2) an Australian jazz musician who plays numerous instruments; best known for his trumpet playing 3) a notable south Sligo-style Irish fiddler. 4) "Jim" Morrison, lead singer of 1960s American rock group The Doors. 1. James Morrison (born James Morrison Catchpole on August 13, 1984) is a singer-songwriter from Rugby, Warwickshire, England. He says that his musical influences include Al Green, Otis Redding, Cat Stevens and The Kinks. Read more on Last.fm
Higher Than Here
Stay Like This
Heaven to a Fool
Right Here
Reach Out
We Can
Too Late for Lullabies
Something Right
Easy Love
I Need You Tonight
Just Like a Child
Higher Than Here
In the Shadow of a Dream
Naked With You
Lonely People
Details in the Fabric