Hot Hot Heat

Hot Hot Heat (1999-2016) is an indie rock band from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. They formed in 1999 as a synthpunk band with Matt Marnik, who eventually left the band, on lead vocals. Steve Bays (vocals and keyboards) took over lead vocals, significantly changing the band's sound. The rest of the band is currently composed of Paul Hawley (drums), Louis Hearn (bass), and Luke Paquin (guitar). Paquin (also of The Street & Babe Shadow) replaced former guitarist Read more on
Hot Hot Heat
Kid Who Stays in the Picture
Modern Mind
Pulling Levers
Bobby Joan Sex Tape
Mayor of the City
Alaskan Midnight Sun
Comeback of the Century
Sad Sad Situation
The Memory’s Here
Future Breeds
Times a Thousand
Zero Results
Future Breeds
Buzinezz Az Uzual
What Is Rational?
Nobody's Accusing You (Of Having a Good Time)
Hot Hot Heat / The Red Light Sting
The Case That They Gave Me
Haircut Economics
Tokyo Vogue
Minimalist Impressions of the Circus Maximus
I Blew a Fuse in My Personality
Cork Up the Stink
Plastic Cigars?... Then Why'd I Bring the Ashtrays?
Baconated Grapefruit
Hot Dogs! Hot Dogs!
Why Do Kamikaze Pilots Wear Helmets?
Ora Lawson
God Damn, Will Somebody Tell Me Why I Read These Damn Spy Novels
Knock Knock Knock
Le Le Low
5 Times out of 100
Have a Good Sleep
Touch You Touch You
More for Show
Scenes One Through Thirteen
Keep My Name Out of Your Mouth
Word to Water
Haircut Economics
The Case That They Gave Me
Paco Pena
Circus Maximus
I Blew a Fuse in My Personality
Tokyo Vogue
Fashion Fight Pause
Spelling Live Backwards
Matador at the Door
Tourist in Your Own Town
You're Ruining It for Everyone
Hot Hot Heat
Keep My Name Out of Your Mouth
Word to the Water
Paco Pena