Helloween is a power/heavy/speed metal band from Germany founded in 1978 by members of Iron Fist and Powerfool, as Gentry. Helloween are known as major innovators of power metal. Members today are: Andi Deris – Vocals, Michael Weikath – Guitar, Backing vocals, Sascha Gerstner – Guitar, Backing vocals, Markus Grosskopf – Bass, Backing vocals and Daniel Löble – Drums The original line-up featured: Kai Hansen (Vocals/Guitars), Michael Weikath (Guitars), Read more on Last.fm
My God-Given Right
Battle’s Won
My God-Given Right
Stay Crazy
Russian Roulé
The Swing of a Fallen World
Like Everybody Else
Creatures in Heaven
If God Loves Rock ‘N’ Roll
Living on the Edge
You, Still of War
I Wish I Were There
Wicked Game
Free World
Straight out of Hell
World of War
Live Now!
Far From the Stars
Waiting for the Thunder
Wanna Be God
Straight out of Hell
Make Fire Catch the Fly
Church Breaks Down
No Eternity
Burning Sun
Burning Sun
Wanna Be God
Another Shot of Life
Where the Sinners Go
7 Sinners
Where the Sinners Go
Raise the Noise
World of Fantasy
The Smile of the Sun
You Stupid Mankind
If a Mountain Could Talk
The Sage, the Fool, the Sinner
My Sacrifice
Not Yet Today
Far in the Future
Unarmed: Best of 25th Anniversary
Dr. Stein
Unarmed: The Making of
Future World
If I Could Fly
Where the Rain Grows
The Keeper’s Trilogy
Eagle Fly Free
Perfect Gentleman
Forever & One
I Want Out
Fallen to Pieces
A Tale That Wasn’t Right
Metal Jukebox
He's a Woman - She's a Man
Locomotive Breath
Space Oddity
From Out of Nowhere
Hocus Pocus
Faith Healer
White Room
Better Than Raw
Back on the Ground
Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part II
Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part I