Hell Is for Heroes

Hell Is For Heroes were a British post-hardcore band who formed in Camden, London, in September 2000. Will McGonagle and Joe Birch were previously in the band Symposium. After leaving their record label EMI in 2004 following the Payola scandal, they released their second album independently before signing a deal with Burning Heart Records, who subsequently re-released it in 2006. The band's third (self-titled) album was released in June 2007. September 2000 Hell is For Heroes formed Read more on Last.fm
Hell Is for Heroes
To Die For
Stranger in You
Between Us
You've Got Hopes
My Protector
Hands Up!
Into the Blood
Only the Ridiculous Will Survive
Once and for All
Transmit Disrupt
Models for the Programme
Quiet Riot
They Will Call Us Savages
Silent as the Grave
One of Us
Transmit Disrupt
Discos and Casinos
Burning Lafayette