Originating from Bruneck, Italy, Graveworm are a melodic/symphonic black metal band with influence of gothic metal. They were formed in 1997, and are themed towards sadness, death, love and occult. Even before Graveworm released any demo they got signed by Serenades Records, who saw an incredible show of the band close to their hometown Brunico. A demo was produced straight after, featuring classic hymns like "Eternal Winds" or "When The Sky Turns Black", which were featured on their debut album "When Daylight’s Gone". Read more on
Ascending Hate
The Death Heritage
Buried Alive
To the Empire of Madness
Downfall of Heaven
Liars to the Lions
Rise Again
Son of Lies
Nocturnal Hymns Part II (The Death Anthem)
Fragments of Death
Only Dead in Your Wake
Absence of Faith
Living Nightmare
The World Will Die in Flames
不安の中で (Anxiety)
The Prophecy
Old Forgotten Song
Where Angels Do Not Fly
Diabolical Figures
Vengeance Is Sworn
Circus of the Damned
Diabolical Figures
Hell’s Creation
Forlorn Hope
Architects of Hate
New Disorder
Message in a Bottle
Ignorance of Gods
The Reckoning
Collateral Defect
Underneath the Crescent Moon
Awaiting the Shining
Awake... Thy Angels of Sorrow
By the Grace of God
How Many Tears
Eternal Winds
Eternal Winds
Tears From My Eyes