Gotthard, a hard-rock band from Lugano in the Italian part of Switzerland and Bern in the German part, was founded in 1990 by mentor and co songwriter Chris von Rohr, best known as Krokus' bass player. Gotthard is definitely one of the most famous and successful Swiss artists ever and almost every album has topped the Swiss charts since 1990. With 2 million albums sold (1 million of which were sold in Switzerland, which only has 7 million habitants), they managed to get multi-platinum awards in different parts of the world. Read more on
Silver River
Stay With Me
Everything Inside
Reason for This
Not Fooling Anyone
Miss Me
Tequila Symphony No. 5
Only Love Is Real
My Oh My
Blame on Me
Let Me in Katie
Get Up 'n' Move On
C'est la vie
Jump the Gun
Spread Your Wings
I Won't Look Down
My Belief
Maybe (Duett)
Red on a Sleeve
What You Get
Mr. Ticket Man
Thank You
Need to Believe
Shangri La
Unspoken Words
Unconditional Faith
I Don't Mind
Break Away
Don't Let Me Down
Right From Wrong
I Know, You Know
Rebel Soul
Tears to Cry
Ain't Enough
Made in Switzerland
All We Are
Dream On
Mountain Mama
Let It Be
Top of the World
I Wonder
Said and Done
Nothing Left at All
Sister Moon
In the Name
Lift U Up
Anytime Anywhere
Immigrant Song
Human Zoo
Human Zoo
Have a Little Faith
Top of the World
Janie's Not Alone
Still I Belong to You
One in a Million
First Time in a Long Time
Where I Belong
Long Way Down
Free and Alive
Got to Be Love
Blackberry Way
Cheat and Hide
Want You In
Tell No Lies
Back to You
Best Time
Hey Jimmy
Piece of Mind
Sister Moon
Make My Day
Mighty Quinn
Movin' On
Let It Be
Sweet Little R'R'
Fist In Your Face
Ride On
In the Name
Lay Down the Law
Hole In One
Dial Hard
Mountain Mama
Here Comes the Heat
I'm Your Travelin' Man
Love for Money
Get it While You Can
Come Together
Dirty Devil Rock
Open Fire
Standing in the Light
Mean Street Rocket
Get Down
Take Me
Lonely Heartache
That's It