There are two bands under the same name: 1) A British Indie rock band 2) An American emo band active in the early 90's 1) Gomez are an English indie rock band. Their first album, Bring It On, won the Mercury Music Prize in 1998. The genesis of Gomez was the meeting of four friends from Southport. Guitarist and vocalist Ian Ball and drummer Olly Peacock had previously played together in a local heavy metal band called Severed. They joined with guitarist / vocalist / keyboardist Tom Gray and bassist Paul Blackburn. Read more on Last.fm
Whatever's on Your Mind
I Will Take You There
Whatever's on Your Mind
Just as Lost as You
The Place and the People
Our Goodbye
Song in My Heart
That Wolf
A New Tide
Little Pieces
If I Ask You Nicely
Lost Track
Win Park Slope
Bone Tired
Natural Reaction
Very Strange
Other Plans
Sunset Gates
How We Operate
See the World
How We Operate
Hamoa Beach
Chasing Ghosts With Alcohol
Tear Your Love Apart
Charley Patton Songs
Woman! Man!
Cry on Demand
Don't Make Me Laugh
Split the Difference
Do One
These 3 Sins
Me, You and Everybody
We Don't Know Where We're Going
Sweet Virginia
Catch Me Up
Where Ya Going?
Meet Me in the City
Chicken Out
Extra Special Guy
Nothing Is Wrong
There It Was
In Our Gun
Shot Shot
Rex Kramer
Detroit Swing 66
Even Song
Army Dub
Miles End
Ping One Down
1000 Times
Ballad of Nice & Easy
Machismo E.P.
Do's and Don'ts
Touchin' Up
The Dajon Song
Liquid Skin
Bring It On
Blue Moon Rising
Las Vegas Dealer
We Haven't Turned Around
Fill My Cup
Devil Will Ride
Bring It On
Get Miles
Whippin' Piccadilly
78 Stone Wobble
Here Comes the Breeze
Love Is Better Than a Warm Trombone
Bubble Gum Years
Rie's Wagon
The Comeback