Godgory were formed in 1992 by vocalist Matte Andersson and drummer Erik Andersson (no relation, surprisingly) in Karlstad, Sweden. They have utilized a variety of session musicians over the years, including every member of the band World of Silence at one point or another. Godgory played a doom-inflected variant of Gothenburg melodeath characterized by slow percussive riffs, minimalistic but powerful drumming, deep subdued death growls, and highly melodic keyboards influenced by 70s rock. Read more on Last.fm
Shadow's Dance
Tear It Down
Rotten in Peace
God's Punishment
Make You Pay
In the Ocean Sky
Shadow's Dance
Sea of Dreams
Sick to the Core
Walking Among the Dead
Inside My Head
Sea of Dreams
Surrounded by Dreams
Corporal Infection
Key to Eternity
In Silence Forever
Religious Fantasy