Sandra Gillette (born 1974), who goes by her last name, is a former Hip Hop-Dance artist from the 1990s. She was born in New Jersey and grew up in Chicago and Houston, singing and rapping her way through school. Sandra Gillette graduated from Romeoville High School in Romeoville Illinois. Her most famous recordings are: Shake Your Money Maker released 1996 and On the Attack released 1994. She's best known for her dance jam Short Short Man (also known as Short Dick Man) found on the On the Attack recording. Read more on
Shake Your Money Maker
Do Fries Go With That Shake
Shake Your Money Maker
Underwater Boogie
Funky Funky
Georgie Porgie
2 Minute Brother
Oop's Too Late
Mr Personality (ugly mix)
Short Dick Man
Move Too Fast
Mr Personality
Coochie Dance
On the Attack
Mr. Personality
I'm on the Attack
Whatcha Gonna Do
Short, Short Man
Bad Boys
Wanna Wild Thing
You're a Dog
Coochie Dance
Pay Back
Move Too Fast
Short Dick Man