Gilby Clarke

Gilby Clarke is a guitarist who was born in Cleveland, Ohio on August 17, 1962. He has been a guitarist for various bands, most famously as the rhythm guitarist for Guns N' Roses. In the early 80's, Gilby was a member of the pop band Candy which recorded the album "Whatever Happened To Fun." He left the band sometime in the mid 80's to form the metal band Kill For Thrills as lead singer and rhythm guitarist, while the rest of Candy went on to turn into Electric Angels. Read more on
Under the Gun
Crocodile Tears
Broken Down Car
I'm Nobody
Judgement Day
Beware of the Dog
Heart of Chrome
Warm Country Sun
Diamond Dogs
Kilroy Was Here
The Haunting
Something’s Wrong With You
Sorry I Can’t Write a Song About You
Mercedes Benz
The Hell’s Angels
Saturday Disaster
Technicolor Stars
Bourbon Street Blues
Frankie’s Planet
The Hangover
Wasn’t Yesterday Great
It’s Good Enough for Rock and Roll
Zip Gun
Mickey Marmalade
Blue Grass Mosquito
Happiness Is a Warm Gun
Hang On to Yourself
The Worst
Captain Chaos
Punk Rock Pollution
Tijuana Jail (live)
Melting My Cold Heart
He's a Whore
Skin & Bones (plugged)