Fun Lovin' Criminals

An alternative rock band from New York, United States. Their music is a blend of many styles, most notably hip-hop, rock and blues, and their songs deal with everyday life in New York: drugs, organized crime and politics. They are best known for their hit Scooby Snacks, which featured samples from films by Quentin Tarantino. In their native US, they are regarded by some to be a one-hit wonder. However, the band gained a considerable following internationally Read more on
We, the Three
We, the Three
We, the Three (radio Riddler version)
Keep on Yellin’
Keep on Yellin’ (Boy Kid Cloud Bashment remix)
Classic Fantastic
Classic Fantastic
The Originals
Keep on Yellin'
Jimi Choo
El Malo
Conversations With Our Attorney (feat. Paul Kaye)
We, the Three
How Low?
Mister Sun
Welcome to Poppy's
Too Hot
Stray Bullet
Living on the Streets
Lost It All
You Got a Problem
Running for Cover
Take Me Back
What Had Happened
This Sick World
Steak Knife
You Just Can't Have It All
100% Colombian
The Grave and the Constant
The Grave and the Constant
King of New York
Bombin' the L
Original Soundtrack for Hi-Fi Living
Blues for Suckers
I Can't Get With That (Schmoove version)
Coney Island Girl